Tuesday, July 26, 2011


i kind of fell off the workout bandwagon since mr.a returned. it happens every time he comes home. but this time i refuse to put on my five "happy" pounds that i normally gain when he's around. i'm forcing myself to the Y today and right now i'm sitting in my running clothes, putting it off. i promised myself i would leave by 10:00, so that gives me 5 minutes to write this post.
prepare yourself, this one's gonna be a winner.

on to the clothes....
this outfit was perfect for another stinkin'-hot day. these shorts are so breezy, and safer than a skirt when it's hot and windy. 
i just got my first haircut/color in 5 months!
(i cut 3 inches off, jill!) it desperately needed it.

sadly, i lost a bracelet that day.
it was a great little black & gold beaded bracelet from j.crew that i wore all the time. (like here.) i'm still not quite over it yet. RIP little one.

this summer i've become a nail polish girl. i've never worn nail polish on my fingers, but i'm loving how sorta-neutral, sorta-flashy this gold is.

yes, i wore brown sandals with black shorts. deal.
(for you fashion-rule-followers: take a deep breath. there's brown and black on the belt.)

later that night we went out with friends and i wore this exact outfit with some brown wedges. i felt tall. and sassy.
remind me to wear heels more often. and to get photographic evidence of it.

t-shirt: j.crew, $10
belt: j.crew outlet, $12
shorts: fossil, $10
flip flops: j.crew, $10
necklace: stella & dot, umm....let's just say it cost at least the equivalent of the entire rest of this outfit. insert sheepish grin.
bracelets L-R:  j.crew, $9/ goodwill, $1/ j.crew, $5/ garage sale, .50/ j.crew, $3

do you even care how much stuff costs? i know a lot of bloggers include those details and i have sporadically. i often don't because, either i can't remember exactly what i paid or i've purchased things with an employeed discount so it's not really an accurate price for you to compare with. does it even matter to you? is it helpful for any reason or just a curiosity thing? i know it's fun to brag about major steals, but there are also times i've spent more on "investment" pieces and it's not as cool to "brag" about spending a lot on something. i rarely purchase anything at full-price, but i'm also trying to be a smarter shopper. (ie: spending more money on fewer, better quality clothes) anyway, i'm just curious what you think. 


  1. 3 inches? You've got some HAIR girl! It looks so pretty... love it!

    those shorts are awe.some. I try to like shorts and sometimes I do, but I'm just more of a jeans gal. Must be the hereditary cellulite. Ugghh.

  2. cute outfit.

    according to my sister who works in fashion and majored in it, black and brown is no longer a rule! so you are good!

  3. Brown and Black no longer clash! It's hip to mix and match. Wear a black dress with brown boots: super cute!

  4. I have been dying to ask you this forever... What brand/color is the polish on your toes? I keep seeing it on both your toenails and fingernails and I LOVE it! I'm always looking for the perfect coral-y color that isn't too pink or too orange.

    AND, great job with your husbands deployment! Mine had 6 months of training this past year and every time I thought it was too hard, I remembered you and your sweet girls having six MORE months than us (I've got two daughters, 3 and 1) and told myself to suck it up and get over it! I'm so glad you've finally got him back and when we have a full-on 12 month deployment to go through, I'll always remember you and the fantastic way you handled it all!

  5. Yes I like seeing the price. It helps to know what is worth investing in. Love the outfit!

  6. Cute! Is that the slub knit shirt fromJCREW? I am eyeing the grey and white in the vneck! Hoping they will go on some kind of sale $29 for a tshirt...I may cave!Anyways you look great! Love the belt! We are getting an outlet mall it opens in about a week..SO EXCITED!! They are going to have a jcrew outlet SUPER EXCITED!!! I hope I can find some cute things!

  7. I love the prices when bloggers put them but am far to lazy to do it myself. Maybe I'll try...but my memory is SO bad.

  8. I love the prices. It tells me I can afford to be fashionable too.

  9. Ayy those happy pounds get me every time! I used to call it States Weight, but now I'm permanent here again. Way to hit the Y!! I feel your pain about losing the bracelet! Boo!

  10. love the shorts! and belt!

    ok. i love the entire look. :)

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