Thursday, July 14, 2011


just a quickie.
there's a lot going on 'round here these days.
some awesome stuff and some tough stuff.
as a bonus, i'm pms'ing.
so the awesome stuff is extra awesome and the tough stuff is extra tough.
let's just say i've been crying like, 7 times a day.

dress: gap
belt: target
sandals: sam edelman
bracelet: aerie
glasses & purse: fossil

btw: i'm totally emotionally eating as i type this. but...since i did the cleanse, my junk food consists of organic crackers and a chocolate/coconut luna bar. wild side, baby.


  1. Been thinking about you...when is Mr. A's coming home ceremony?

  2. That dress is adorable :)

  3. you look amazing! Thinking of you... stay strong girlie!

  4. I love this dress--you look great! Sorry about the roller coaster of emotions--hang in there!

  5. B, you are always dressed sooo damn cute!!

  6. I'm glad the cleanse is sticking with you. That's the best!

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