Friday, July 08, 2011


music fest fashion: day two.
since day two of 80/35 turned out to be overcast and drizzly, i decided to wear a vest with a hood in case things started to get crazy. my hair was frizzing out the minute i stepped outside (inevitable), but i figured, worse case scenario, i could rock the hood to prevent complete saturation. (because i'm pretty sure it's not cool to carry an umbrella at a music fest...)

this skirt, though cute, was actually a pain in the butt. it twisted as i walked & the lining would get all bunched up. i felt like i was constantly adjusting it. apparently it's a skirt to stand in, not a skirt to dance in. but that didn't stop me! ha.
i layered up an armful of bracelets and was actually sad when it was time to take them off. all those colors made me quite happy.
though this outfit had its issues (high-maintenance skirts are a definite no-no for music fests), i still really loved it. this vest is so versatile, a year-round wardrobe item. and this skirt? i love it so much, i wanna marry it. (especially if mr.a takes much longer to get home! wink!
vest: j.crew 
neon t-shirt: j.crew
skirt: fossil
sandals: sam edelman
bag: fossil
bracelets: misc. j.crew & f21 


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