Wednesday, July 13, 2011


hey locals, listen up!
if you're a local reader, i'd love to see you out at jordan creek town center,
this saturday for the 
3rd annual walk for military marriage.
this is a fundraising event and all the proceeds go directly to help resource military marriages and families. deployments, relocations, and other stressors (ie: WAR) can put incredible strain on military families. in fact, the divorce rate among military families is now higher than the national average.
dr. gary and barb rosberg (and their team) work tirelessly to provide support and encouragment for these families. they have helped thousands of couples strengthen and renew their marriages, and they now have a heart for military families in particular. especially in iowa.
as a lot of you know, there are about 2,800 iowa soldiers returning home very soon (including mr.a!), and these families will all be going through major adjustments to reintegrate into society and reunite their family unit. there are some fantastic events coming up to specifically help with this transition and saturday's walk will help fund these events.
if you are a military family, or know a military family, or even just give a lick about military families--come join us for this walk! i know it's short notice, but the more the merrier. participants are encouraged to raise $100 each, but please don't let that stop you from coming out! do what you can and know it will be "paid forward" to thousands of american families who have been serving our country.
there will be food and fun for the whole family. and i'll be signing autographs. (ha. uhhh, just kidding. i thought i was dooce there for a minute.) but seriously, if you come out and spot me--please say hi! plus, the members of my family who actually have real talent (my two sisters) will be singing the national anthem! whoop! should be a great morning.
if you're not local, you can still show your support by making a donation here.


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