Wednesday, July 06, 2011


80/35: day one.
as i mentioned a couple times, i'd been looking forward to des moines' 80/35 music fest for weeks. two days, three stages, almost 50 different bands, and almost 50,000 people:
it. was. amazing.
i become awestruck when i'm around so many people. it was like, sensory overload: incredible music, beautiful people, great food, fantastic friends--it was magic.
we started the day off with an incredible show by edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros. it was beautiful. piper, quinn and i have fallen in love with their album and i almost wish the girls could have been there to sing along. but, it was great being with my dearest friends and thousands of other people; all sweating and dancing and singing the same words. it was such a memorable experience. if you're into ed sharpe, you definitely need to try & see them live. it's even better than you can imagine.  

after that show, i didn't take many pictures. but we saw a lot of music throughout the afternoon and evening and ended the night with a performance by girl talk. if you've never heard of girl talk, you might be suprised to know girl talk is a white dude; mashing up songs to create really amazing dance music. we danced and danced and danced the night away. we snuck our way into the VIP section, which was fun. but it was an amazing show no matter where you were dancing.

i wish i would have taken more pictures, but i spent most of my time just absorbing everything around me; the music, the people, my was such a great day.


  1. Love them! So glad you got to see them live!

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