Thursday, June 23, 2011



so, this outfit isn't anything ground-breaking,
but i wanted to show you my latest favorite thing...

i ordered this little arrow necklace at a stella & dot show and i've probably worn it almost every day since it arrived. i just love how dainty and minimalistic it is. (a huge change from my normal taste in jewelry.) as much as i love a statement necklace, it's nice having something a little understated. especially when it's hot. 
 i love wearing my arrow with this funny little mushroom necklace...

and my other usual suspects...

anyway, i've been quite pleased with this little arrow. i can definitely see him earning the mvp award this summer.

t-shirt: j.crew
jeans: paige via gilt
sandals: sam edelman
 mushroom necklace & bracelets: j.crew
arrow necklace: stell & dot


  1. I love this entire look... casual with just enough punch. And I agree, too hot here for big statement necklaces, that arrow is perfect.

  2. That's one perfect summer fit right there.

  3. hey! i was catching up on your blog and love the lighting you got for your kitchen, do you remember where you bought it? it is so cute!


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