Friday, June 10, 2011


a jungle out there.
my yard is totally out of control. there's only so much this girl can manage and, apparently, my yard does not fall under that category. my poor outfit "spot" is completely overgrown with massive jungle-like weeds. by july i'll have to bust out the machete just to get a decent picture. but, even if i had the time to do some yardwork, i wouldn't have a clue where to begin as my thumbs are anything but green. what makes it worse is that 80% of the population of my neighborhood is sweet little retired folks who love their yardwork. making my yard stand out like a sore (non-green) thumb.
what does this have to do with my outfit? well...there's a neon elephant on my shirt. and elephants live in the jungle.* and....well...apparently so do i.
t-shirt: j.crew, $10 (old)
boyfriend shorts: j.crew, $24 (last year, clearance)
wrap bracelets: j.crew, $8/$12
wrap watch: la mer, $25 (today show steal)
sandals: sam edelman, dsw, $30

*after i wrote that, i realized...elephants don't even live in the jungle. right? i think they live in like, the sahara or something. oh well... i never said this blog was a beacon of truth.


  1. Ok, I know this is a pretty straight-forward outfit, but I LOVE IT! I love the shoes, the bracelets...awesome! Oh, and it should not go without saying that your figure is looking FANTASTIC!!! Wow, that cleanse must really work!

  2. Oh, and you've inspired me to wear shorts today ;)

  3. And now you've got a mention in my post today :)

  4. I love your casual laid back look! And those bracelets and watch are great!!

  5. Hi! Found you through Erin's post today... love your blog! Come see me if you get a chance... Orangies Attic

  6. love the outfit and you look great! is it all the running?

  7. yes some elephants do live in the jungle which is all the more reason to get some yard work done. you don't want any elephants getting the wrong idea about your backyard...i'll be over this weekend to get things cleaned up:)

  8. Love the sandals and love your consistency with JCrew. Is it weird that I think of you when I go there now? I don't even know you (officially!)


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