Sunday, June 26, 2011


a lazy post.

we're finally getting to the end of this deployment, but it seems like time has completely slowed down, making it feel as though the end of july will never come. to combat this stand-still, i've been trying to keep every day jam-packed with activity. healthy, right? ha. either way, it keeps us distracted and it's nice to have even little things to look forward to each day.

my friend joseph has been helping piper conquer her fear of water. i'm so proud of her! this is the kid who used to throw epic tantrums just to avoid getting in the bathtub! so it's pretty cool to see her swimming all around in her little pink floaties.  

i know you've heard me gripe about my crazy weeds. well, here's evidence.
the tall ones were literally up to my waist.  

one afternoon i was feeling motivated and spent well over an hour clearing out a single bed. i had major callouses and a sore back for a week afterward!

i have yet to attempt the rest of the yard. 
and for your viewing pleasure, here are my post-weeding feet...

this coming weekend is the 80/35 music festival and i'm so excited! two days full of semi-famous bands, overpriced beer, and crowds of hipsters.
it's gonna be great.

after a busy day, i love spending the evening lounging in the hammock
while the girls run around the yard.  

this past week we had family dinner at my in-laws.
they live on a beautiful acreage where the girls can run wild and roam free.

a few days ago i took the girls to pick out a couple of beta fish. apparently two females can live peacefully together so we got one for each girl. after quite an interesting brainstorming session on what to name them (options included zoe, beta the fish, walmart--no lie, and quinn's contribution: bubblegum.) we settled on charlie and cece. sadly, after just a few days with us, cece went on to the great porcelain fishbowl. we're pretty sure they got into a fight because charlie (who survived) is looking a little mangy and when we discovered cece, she had a slight issue with her guts spilling out her side. (gross.) anyway, we'll see if we can keep charlie around for a while. but i'm not very pleased with her murderous temperament.

we've had a lot of rain around here lately,
which leads to some long afternoons for poor quinn...

my best friend came to town...

we made sure to take her to the classiest place in des moines;
the good ol' locust tap.

our friends joseph & joey just moved back from san diego. joseph doesn't have a job yet so he's always up for anything.

we went to the des moines art festival on saturday and had a great time. the weather was cool and overcast, a nice change from the scorching heat that usually falls on this weekend. it was also the first time in years i didn't have to weave a stroller in & out of the crowds and booths. it was so nice.
(thanks in-laws!)

we ended the weekend with a backyard bonfire. it was the perfect night with friends. we were all just missing one very important person.  
but i know if we keep keepin' busy, he'll be back before we know it.


  1. GREAT ways to keep busy! love it.
    I agree - you totally can do it.

  2. make the girls (and you) a paperchain for a countdown, the smaller the chain the more excitment will take over and make the days go by- many prayers!

  3. I can't wait to read about seths return. I'm planning on crying.

  4. Hey babe, always love the recaps, after hearing the stories its nice to see the pics. Can't believe how big the girls always look, and you more beautiful than ever.


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