Tuesday, June 21, 2011


plan b.
about a month ago, some of our best friends planned a night at the ballpark. we were going to start off at mullet's for beer & pizza, and then hit the i-cubs game. mullet's is this great place, just south of the ball field that is known for their pizza and great views of downtown. we'd all been looking forward to it for weeks.
but then...it started raining.
we were so disappointed, but we still went to mullet's, and figured we'd head to the game once it cleared off.
the pizza was fantastic. the worst part was trying to narrow down our choices! it was surprising because the place looks like they'd serve your average junky bar food. but the pizza combinations they offered were really unique and the whole menu looked delicious!
the rain never cleared up, so we had to come up with a back-up plan.
someone (i think it was probably me. ha!) had the genius idea of going to blue moon piano bar. have you ever seen dueling pianos? it's so fun and entertaining. these people are so talented. they took requests throughout the night and played everything from oasis to billy joel to lady gaga. plus, they're funny. they make fun of each other and the crowd. it's a great place for bachelorette parties or birthdays 'cause they'll bring people up on stage and well, embarass them. (all in good fun.) 

we had such a great time singing and dancing and laughing.
i think plan b turned out to be even better than plan a!


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