Monday, June 06, 2011


giveaway winner! 

if you happened to follow along with my cleanse recaps, you know what fantastic results i experienced in just seven days. so i was really excited when rooted wellbeing offered a 7-day cleanse to dtwsld readers! the entrance period ended on friday and katie randomly chose a winner!

the winner is....
congratulations! i know you will really benefit from this experience.

as for the rest of you... don't give up hope! rooted wellbeing is offering an awesome discount for dtwsld readers. just follow this private link and enter the password: DTWSLD30. 
if you were at all inspired by my experience, i really encourage you to make this investment in yourself. i know most of us don't have "health coaching" included in the yearly budget, but i promise it is worth your time and money. whether you do a one-week or four-week cleanse, the princicples and practices you learn will be yours forever!

now, go forth and cleanse!


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