Thursday, June 02, 2011


chi-town shenanigans: part one.
 a few months ago, some friends and i were starting to hit the proverbial wall of the deployment. we needed something to look forward to. (other than, obviously, our husbands' return.) someone had the genius idea of planning a girls trip to go see a cubs game in chicago.* we bought our tickets, scheduled sitters, booked a hotel, made reservations, and then... waited two months. finally, first thing on friday morning we were ready to hit the road!
six girls, ten bags, 30 pairs of shoes
and one enormous cooler.
we talked and laughed and tmi'd the whole trip; pretty sure even our badass husbands would've been blushing! ha!
we arrived with just enough time to snap some cheesy pics before heading out to shop and eat! (i still can't decide what i love more--shopping or eating. they are both so terribly enjoyable.)

below: emily ogles the multi-level h&m. drooool.
after h&m we went to rj grunt's for dinner. despite the goofy vibe of the website, it was a really cool place with fantastic food and a great crowd. that meal was my first foray into "bad" food, post-cleanse. i'd been teased mercilessly for bringing healthy snacks on the trip and asking for green beans instead of french fries; but, i certainly made some less-than-cleanly food choices throughout the weekend. (and paid for it dearly. ugh.)
after dinner we went back to our hotel, got cozy, and talked, laughed and snuggled the night away.
(we're army wives. obviously we're socially and snuggly-deprived.) 
stay-tuned for day two!   

*now, in my mind, girls don't plan trips to go watch sports, but i was totally up for it and figured: worst-case scenario, i could sneak in a little shopping during halftime.**  
i know, i know! no halftime in baseball.

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  1. Fun, fun, fun, fun! I love RJ Grunts, I always forget about that place. Can't wait to see more!

    I go to baseball games for the beer (and the hot dogs!) :)


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