Wednesday, May 18, 2011


anyone that knows me, knows i like things a little imperfect.
i like my shoes broken in, my shirts half-tucked, my jeans a bit holey. the list continues...i like my house a little messy, my kids a little wild, my husband a little naked. oh wait, that has nothing to do with this. that's embarassing.
only a couple more months, baby!

anyway, perfection intimidates me. but i can totally handle imperfection. the downside of being an imperfectionist is i often set pretty low standards for myself. but that's fare for a think post, not a wear post.

anyway, the point is in the ponytail.

this is the perfect hairstyle for an imperfect gal.
super quick, easy, and messy. bonus points for starting with dirty hair. i teased the heck out of it, put it in a low, side-ponytail, teased some more, and wrapped a piece of hair around the base to cover the elastic. easy, right?!
the only way to mess it up is to try & make it perfect.
top: j.crew
pants: sanctuary
necklace: fossil
flats: nine west
clutch: forever 21


  1. your imperfection is perfect! :) I love this messy hair look! As my hair gets longer and the temps get HOTTER I need more up-do options. When is that husband of yours getting home anyway!?!? Soon? My husband has been gone all week and I have been thinking about you girl. How wimpy I am for wanting him home after only a few days. :(

  2. Looove the outfit, and the messy pony tail is so great! I'm way too much of a perfectionist to try this on myself, even though I think it looks fab. Maybe a good exercise in relaxing a bit :)

  3. You're hilarious. And way cute!

  4. Your look is effortless...super cute! Love your hair too! =)

  5. Love the ponytail. I have to try it next time I am in a hair rut, I am going to try it out!


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