Thursday, May 05, 2011


the weather couldn't make up its mind today.
i added and removed layers all day long. i'm a layering fool.  but i've become so attached to having at least two shirts on at all times, that, when it got really warm today, i felt completely bare in just my t-shirt & jeans.
summer's gonna be brutal. 
jacket: heritage
hoodie: heritage
v-neck: j.crew
jeans: gap
flats: steve madden
bracelet: j.crew


i can't forget a little blog shout-out to one of our dearest friends and piper's godfather, michael patrick, who was born on this fine day. he's serving in afghanistan right alongside mr.a and i'm so thankful they're together through all of this. if i can't be with mr.a, m.p. is the next-best person for the job! we love you, michael and can't wait to buy you a birthday margarita when you get home. happy 30-something!
the boys, right after graduation from basic training, 3/12/10.


  1. I adore the hoodie-under-jacket look-- and you pulled it off so effortlessly here! Plus, that salmony pink is the perfect pop of color :)

  2. you are stinking cute. and hot. and i love that outfit!!!!

  3. you look gorgeous... I love the color combos here! How are you so tan already? jealous.

  4. haha, thanks gals! don't worry, jill--it's fake. (it's not that warm here yet!) i did a little self-tanner app last weekend for the wedding!

  5. prayers and blessings to your boys.

  6. Bethany, are you a member of Today's deal is for GoodSons. $15 for $30 to spend on food and drink. Gotta love a deal!

  7. you and your layering abilities...get me every time! love it.


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