Monday, May 23, 2011

playing favorites.
today i realized it's not a bad thing to play favorites.
especially when you play them all at once.

favorite shirt: banana republic
favorite tee: j.crew
favorite pants: urban outfitters
(which haven't fit for like, 9 months but do now!)
 favorite lipstick: marykay tanned*
favorite flip-flops: j.crew 

today i also realized that nude lipstick doesn't really show up in pictures....

and that it's surprisingly hard to make a kissy face without looking really dumb.

*i came across this lipstick completely by accident. i received a sample of it in a gift bag and it just happened to be the perfect color. i tried to find something similar, but after three tries (and three fails) i hunted down the local marykay lady & placed my order. i know you can't even tell i have any lipstick on in this picture, but...that's why it's my favorite!


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