Saturday, May 28, 2011


cleanse recap: day six.
on day six i noticed my habits had begun to change. i no longer had to fight the urge to eat. it was easy to reach for an appole or carrots as a snack rather than crackers and cheese. i didn't think twice about making a smoothie for breakfast rather than oatmeal. it's funny; i really considered myself to be a fairly healthy eater before the cleanse began; i don't drink pop or eat much junk. ha! little did i know how easily junk can be disguised as "healthy" food.
that morning i went to a yoga class i've been attending for a few months now. it has been really enjoyable for me and is way cheaper than therapy. (ha!) anyway, i often enter that class just desperate for the hour of calm and quiet it allows. but, on day six, i realized that much of the stress and anxiety i carry around with me was gone. of course there were stressful situations throughout the week (and don't even get me started on the past few days...) but i realized i was having a much easier time dealing with it all. obviously i don't know all the science behind it, and i can't even really explain how or why i felt that way, but i truly felt more calm and less anxious on days 4-7 than i have in a very long time.

day 6 nutshell
breakfast - lara bar
lunch - vegetarian chili
(i ate a ton of that stuff...but never got sick of it!)
snack - carrots & hummus
dinner - ahi tuna, sauteed collard greens
dessert - banana "ice cream"
feeling: noticing decreased anxiety
fitness: 1 hr. of yoga, 1/2 hr. stationary bike

note: i probably ate a little more fish than the average cleanser. but i got the go-ahead from katie. she's great at providing one-on-one advice and support throughout the cleanse.


  1. I recently (in the last few months) starting doing yoga. Not as often as I would like. I really enjoy it and I feel so good afterward.

  2. Your cleanse updates have inspired me to take control of my health and eating habits. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. So I totally thought of you this wkend! My dear sweet husband knew that I was looking at those water bottles online when we went to Target this past Thursday night he found one!! Even the red one that I wanted!! I have yet to try it out just wanted to let you know I got one!!! OH! And I have been trying out your smoothies YUM!!! I can get enough!!! Proud of you for sticking with the entire thing!!!

  4. Sounds like you are doing so well! That's so inspiring, and I'm glad you are reaping such great benefits. I can't wait to go to a yoga class this summer!

  5. What can one get more additional info about the clease you are doing? It sounds awesome1

  6. I recently saw a movie that they had the same plates as us, can't remember what it was though. Anxiously awaiting a new post about your Chi-town trip. Love ya


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