Friday, May 27, 2011


cleanse recap: day five.
the benefits of the cleanse continued and even increased. i woke up on day five having had a very short night's sleep (only six hours) and normally would have felt like a train wreck in the morning. sure it was hard to get out of bed, but normally there'd be no way i could have made it through the day without coffee and a nap. but once i got up & moving, i felt fine!
i started the day off with another smoothie: 

rice milk, mixed greens, chia seed, banana, blueberries

we were heading to the park for a picnic so i made a chickpea salad again and brought along some carrots and berries to snack on. at the park, when quinn didn't want her peanut-butter and jelly sandwich, i had to catch myself before popping a piece in my mouth. that's one of the greatest benefits of this cleanse: becoming mindful of what you eat. i know, especially for moms, it's so easy to just finish your kids' meal or take little bites while you're preparing their food. not to mention the snacking we do just to keep our energy up throughout the day. (i say "we," but maybe i should speak for myself...ha!) doing this cleanse forces you to refrain from grabbing the quickest, easiest thing; and helps you to make specific choices with your food. this sounds simple but it really is a practiced discipline.

day five nutshell
breakfast - smoothie
snack - strawberries

lunch - chickpea salad, carrots
snack - apple with almond butter
dinner - vegetarian chili, avocado
feeling: energetic, despite little sleep
fitness: calisthenics


  1. No, you can say WE all you want, because it is not just you!!! I am the same way with a 2 and 4 yr old, and a military man. Yesterday was my first "mindful" eating day, inspired by your cleanse, and let me just say that I felt like a crack addict! I wanted sugar so bad! But I resisted, and felt so much more in control. Thank you for your good example, and sharing your experience. I think a cleanse is in my future...the very near future!


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