Monday, May 23, 2011


cleanse recap: day three. 
on day three we rushed out the door first thing in the morning, so i grabbed my water bottle and a lara bar. it was sooo yummy! (mental note: buy more lara bars.) piper went to preschool, quinn and i went to the Y to work out. well...quinn played in the nursery, i worked out.  after that, we had some errands to run, so i threw some healthy snacks in the car in case i got hungry. being prepared is definitely one of the most important things you can do on the cleanse. it obviously takes more time and thought, but it's totally worth it. i tried to keep a healthy snack with me at all times and kept a bowl of raw almonds out on the counter all week. we went to target where i was bombarded by foods i couldn't eat. it was the first time i'd been in a grocery store since i started the cleanse. and honestly, i left the store in a bit of a funk. (not that my children's behavior helped the situation any...) once we got home i used some of the quinoa i'd made on day one to make a little southwestern style dish for lunch:
quinoa, tomatos, black beans, avocado, cilantro, jalapeno

that afternoon i made a pot of vegetarian chili to eat throughout the week.
if i'm following a new recipe, i just snap a picture of the ingredients so i know what i need at the store.

as that simmered, i made dinner:
lemon-dill salmon, green beans, wild rice

i felt pretty proud of myself for knocking out two meals at once. plus! i actually cleaned up the kitchen right away. (that never happens.) that was when i first started recognizing some of the positive affects of the cleanse begin to take place.

day 3 nutshell
breakfast - lara bar
snack - carrots, berries
lunch - southwestern quinoa
snack - apple w/ almond butter
dinner - salmon, green beans, rice
feeling: not great, but slowly better
fitness: strength-training class, stationary bike


  1. What kind of Lara bar would you recommend?

  2. Do you heat up quinoa and then add in all the yummies?

  3. In case you're up for making the bars yourself!

    this is not my blog, but after you said how much you like the lara bars, I'm probably making a batch!

  4. I would miss coffee the most! OUCH!!! But it sounds like a great experience. I sometimes do a few weeks here or there cutting out sugar and sweets, and I do feel a lot better. Your southwest version of quinoa looks amazing! I would lvoe that!


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