Friday, May 20, 2011


cleanse recap: day one.
the cleanse got off to a rough start. i overslept and didn't have time to make breakfast, so i grabbed a handful of raw almonds, a banana and my water bottle and rushed out the door. i was going to a bridal shower where i faced my first temptations: coffee and egg casserole. i had fruit and water.
by the time the shower was over i was starving. and a bit grouchy. and reeeallly needing a cup of coffee. it was a cold, gray day and all i wanted was something warm. but...i made a smoothie instead:

almond milk, spinach, banana, & strawberry

i had to go pick up the girls and drove past a mcdonalds. i actually thought, that sounds soooo good right now.* that's when i knew it might be a long week. when we got home i made a chickpea salad:

chickpeas, tomatos, mixed greens
dressing: olive oil, fresh-squeezed lemon, garlic, sea salt

throughout the afternoon i tried to drink lots of water, i made some tea, had an apple with almond butter, but i never felt satisfied. just, grouchy and tired. i made a big pot of quinoa to use throughout the week and when i ate some of that i finally started to feel better. i think i just needed something warm in my tummy.

that night we went to a birthday party for one of piper's friends which was another practice in self-denial. i literally didn't even want to touch quinn's half-eaten sugar cookie. just feeling the crumbs on my fingers was tempting. (who knew i was such a food addict?!)

when we got home i drank a glass of hot water with raw apple cider vinegar, cinnamon and organic stevia. (per katie's suggestion.) the vinegar helps with all kinds of stuff that i can't remember now (i don't ask questions, i just do as i'm told), but it's actually really tasty when mixed with the cinnamon & stevia.**

day one nutshell
breakfast- almonds, banana
snack- smoothie

lunch- chickpea salad
snack- apple & almond butter
dinner- quinoa w/ sauteed onion & tomato
snack- strawberries
feelings: irritable, tired, cold, hungry

*i'm never tempted by mcdonalds unless i'm pregnant or have had at least two beers.
(those would be completely separate occasions, by the way.) 
**stevia is a natural, plant-based sweetener.


  1. I am SO glad you are posting about your cleanse experience! I am a total food addict and was nodding my head "yes" with every admittance of temptation I read.
    I am super excited to see how you feel over the next 6 days, cause the first day or two of misery has always discouraged me. Sending you positive energy, your will power is awesome!

  2. I did something like this about 2 months ago. The first week was tough. I never felt satisfied either and was starving ALL the time. Week 2 gets easier. Hang in there.

  3. Very interested in what cleanse you are doing and why. Noticing no protein.

  4. Derp. I read a few posts back. Good luck. In super interested in your results.

  5. Hey!
    I just signed up to do the 4 week cleanse thru this gal! I would love to chat about the torture I am going to endure :) Maybe we could hook up this week or the next? Call or email me sometime 661.0337,


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