Tuesday, May 17, 2011


several months ago, my friend katie and i were e-mailing back & forth. i'd been working my way off of an antidepressant using homeopathic alternatives and because of katie's experience in psychology and holistic health, she offered some helpful advice. she also mentioned that she was in the process of starting her own business. i was intrigued and told her to contact me when things got up & running. well, they are officially up & running and i'm excited to tell you more about it!

since overcoming personal health issues using holistic methods, katie has been passionate about health and wellness. after earning her masters in educational psychology, katie pursued this passion and attended the institute for integrated nutrition, becoming a certified holistic health coach. (she's done a lot of other awesome things, but you can read all that on her website. just trust me--she's a smartypants.)  

katie recently launched rooted wellbeing and it is an incredible resource for healthy living. the website alone has an abundance of information, but she also sends out newsletters packed with great ideas and articles. katie offers personal health-coaching and one of the ways to do that is through a 7-day or 4-week cleanse. i wanted to be able to tell you all the ins & outs of a cleanse before i bragged about them, so katie offered to let me be a guinea pig! (and, actually, based on what i've been eating, i feel like a guinea pig. just kidding, katie!)

so, if you don't mind, for the next week or so i want to give you little updates on my 7-day cleanse progress. they may be short & sweet (or sour), but i'll fill you in on how i'm feeling, what i've been eating, and how many times i've been pooping. (just kidding... unless you really want to know.)

if you hang with me, there might be a fun surprise at the end of this week.

(and i don't mean watching me gorge myself on ben & jerry's and big macs once this is over.)

note: some big words & the peas were stolen from rooted wellbeing site.

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  1. I am excited to read about it and how you feel. Don't judge me if I drink dr pepper and eat swiss cake rolls as I read it though. ok?


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