Saturday, May 14, 2011


i feel like i need to start every post with an apology since i'm clearly the worst blogger ever. but, sometimes being the worst blogger ever is a good thing 'cause it frees up time for really fun stuff. like this...
 easter, birthdays, mother's day. a broken car and malfunctioning computer. cleaning house and organizing closets. cinco de mayo and farmer's markets. running, swimming, sunning. making, painting, coloring. buying, planting and picking flowers. picnics, a hammock, and a ride on a boat. visits from friends. nights out and nights in.
the past few weeks have been busy!
anyway, i hope you haven't completely given up on me.
i plan to bribe you all back with a really fun giveaway at the end of next week!
i'll explain more tomorrow. hope you're having a great weekend! it's freakishly cold here, so the girls and i are all snuggled up, bein' lazy (and blogging!)


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