Saturday, May 14, 2011


i feel like i need to start every post with an apology since i'm clearly the worst blogger ever. but, sometimes being the worst blogger ever is a good thing 'cause it frees up time for really fun stuff. like this...
 easter, birthdays, mother's day. a broken car and malfunctioning computer. cleaning house and organizing closets. cinco de mayo and farmer's markets. running, swimming, sunning. making, painting, coloring. buying, planting and picking flowers. picnics, a hammock, and a ride on a boat. visits from friends. nights out and nights in.
the past few weeks have been busy!
anyway, i hope you haven't completely given up on me.
i plan to bribe you all back with a really fun giveaway at the end of next week!
i'll explain more tomorrow. hope you're having a great weekend! it's freakishly cold here, so the girls and i are all snuggled up, bein' lazy (and blogging!)


  1. i've missed you! stay a while?

  2. Don't ever apologize for living life! Glad to hear things are going okay! Anticipating the post where Mr. A arrives home safely!

  3. Boat ride?? Lucky ducks. Was that Lake Panorama with Arganbrights or something? And that picture of the baby with headphones in looks nothing like Quinn. I'm guessing its her but I had to convince myself that it was based on the fact that you probably wouldn't have blogged it otherwise.

  4. I thought the headphones pic was Dawson!!! After reading Hav's comment, I guess I was wrong!!


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