Tuesday, April 12, 2011


lately it has felt so summery here! i have to keep reminding myself that it's only april! today i even got my first (and hopefully last) sunburn of the season.
officially adding sunscreen to my daily routine. i know, i know. it should be part of my routine year-round...
also adding: new warm-weather hairstyles. like this one, that i tried to copy from
this cute little girl. (no really. she's a girl. she's like, 10 years younger than me. and for some reason i think i can pull off the same hairstyle.) anyway... i need some practice, but it was nice having it up & out of the way on this hot, windy day. 

my best friend gave me this shirt-dress for my birthday.
she just...knows. she knows what i like. (or what i will like even if i don't like it yet!) she knows what looks good on me.
she even knew my i've-gained-ten-pounds size!

now that's a good friend.
dress: anthropologie, birthday gift!
belt: banana republic, thrift
earrings: banana republic
flip-flops: j.crew


  1. Fantastic all around! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's gained 10lbs recently... although you wear it so well. Can't even tell! Anyway, love the look!

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  2. This is a perfect spring outfit! I especially love the earrings, the belt, and the hair! They all work with the dress so well.

  3. I love it! I'm so loving that color blue these days.

    ps. I'm so glad you're back!

  4. Yaya for warm weather! I am loving this dress on you... very nice!

  5. LOVE THIS!!! it looks great on you!!!

  6. I just love how fresh and bright you always look!

    And love the summer hair. So chic, but not stuffy.

  7. Love it! That color blue is gorgeous.

  8. Bethany--This is so random.

    This is Jenn Morris-we went to highschool together- I am obsessed with reading blogs (and also have my own--http://thriftysoireeandinteriors.blogspot.com/)

    I was super bored after Idol tonight and kept clicking "next blog" all of a sudden your cuteness popped up on my computer screen--I'm like oh my gosh, I know her. Your blog--and you...and your kids are adorable.

    I hope that all is well!

  9. So I came across your blog this evening and I was like hello! that hairstyle looks super familiar! haha. Crazy how we connect in the blogging world. You are adorable and that color blue looks gorgeous on you!

  10. I loved your hair so I watched the tutorial (thanks Tessa) and tried to replicate it this morning. I couldn't figure out how to do the bun part :(! I twisted the sides fine, got it in a low pony and then tried to "bun it" but it kept messing up one side of the twist because it was untwisting it. My hair is long enough for a real bun, but I ended up just doing a pull through bun like Tessa had. Any suggestions?

    Also, PS -- LOVE that blue shirtdress.

  11. Love the hair! I am a moron and completely inept when it comes to styling my hair. Perhaps you could do a tutorial!?

  12. You look darling! Oh how I love that dress. The whole outfit is perfect!

  13. i love your shirt dress! the color's beautiful. and i like the flip flops too!

  14. the dress is gorgeous! the perfect color, too. what a great friend you have :)

  15. This hairstyle you sport is so simple and chic. I am offically growing my hair out as a result of this.

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