Tuesday, April 05, 2011


stay-home day.
lately piper gets really excited when we have a "stay-home day."
in the morning, she'll ask if it's a preschool day or a sunday school day or a friends day. if the answer is none of the above, she is thrilled.
homegirl is a homebody.
it's hard to get out of pj's on stay-home days. but today we had some company coming later on, so i compromised with this outfit.

it's actually kind of pajamas in disguise.
legging/pants (peggings?), a comfy cardigan and cozy scarf.
50% outfit, 50% p'jams.

excuse my blurry lens. the littlest arganbright loves to sneak my camera away and play with the little doors on the lens.

cardigan: j.crew
tee: j.crew
peggings: forever 21
scarf: old navy


  1. I was so afraid to do the leggings as pants for the longest time...but, now that I have, how can you go back?! They are so comfortable and cute! Love your outfit!

  2. I LOVE the 50-50, sounds like my daily uniform over here lately. I am always looking for soft pants to get back into when the jammies have to be retired for the day.

    This looks super cute! Hope you had a lovely day in.


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