Thursday, April 14, 2011


last night i got to meet one of my personal heroes.
ann lamott has written several non-fiction books on life and faith that have challenged and encouraged me over the years. she has also written some novels that i have really enjoyed and an instructional book on writing that i was assigned to read for a playwriting class in college.
anyway, when i heard she was coming to speak in des moines with the AViD series (for free, no less), i was really excited. my dad and i went together and we got there early enough to sit in the front row! and she signed one of my books!
hearing her speak was just like reading her books. she is frank and honest and so funny! it was inspiring and gave me a lot to think about.

like, where to hang my poster-size print of this picture...
have you ever met one of your heroes?


  1. AWWWW! I love her... have you read Operating Instructions? I'm sure you have... I laughed and cried!

    I need to pull out some of her books that I have, it's been a while! Great picture of you two and congrats!

    Have you read any of Shauna Niequist - you might like her too!


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  2. Maya Angelou! She did a book reading/signing in NYC and it was amazing. When she read it felt like I was IN the story. Her perspective on writing fiction was beautiful as well (one of the things I remember most is that all of her characters are made up and not derived from anyone she knows in real life because she feels like it is stealing).

    I'm happy you got to meet Lamott. I've not read anything by her but I'll have to look into it.

  3. Frederick Buechner signed two of his books I had after a lecture in Augusta, GA. Larry Woiwode signed a couple of his books I had after a lecture at Wheaton College. J.I. Packer signed my copy of Knowing God which, for me, was almost like having the Apostle Paul sign Romans. F.F. Bruce signed my copy of his biography in Dallas TX. I met Cornelius Van Til in Dallas. (He stuck out his hand, "My name's van Til. What's yours?" I don't think I remembered.) I "met" David Crosby & Graham Nash in Kansas City. I basically took Crosby's hand away from him and shook it while gushing on about being a big fan. He did not even look at me.

  4. btw... it's Anne... although she now will probably let you call her "Annie" now.

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