Monday, April 11, 2011


today even my mom called me out on my lack of blogging. and she's aware of almost everything that happens in my whole life!!! so here's a little run-down massive photo-dump of what we've been doing the past few weeks...

for my birthday, my super-awesome, so-thoughtful sister planned a little jaunt up to the twin cities for my two favorite things: shopping and eating.  i didn't do too much shopping, but the eating was phenomenal. the meal below is definitely in my top five best. meals. ever.
after dinner we went to this super-hip, yet old-school cocktail bar.  
they make everything per order completely from scratch.
the bar was tucked in this gorgeous boutique hotel. every wall, every space was textural and beautiful and interesting. i thought it might be boring if i took pictures of every wall, floor and ceiling in the place....but now i'm wishing i had!
our church has its annual easter egg hunt coming up, so last weekend a group of us passed out flyers in local neighborhoods. it was a warm day, but we had fun and the kids were troopers!

piper's sweet dress was a gift from my best friend (and her godmother)...  
the other night, quinn sauntered into the room and i couldn't stop laughing long enough to take a decent picture!
please note the skinny legs and diaper down to her knees. 
the girls have a new lease on life now that they can play outside... 

and here's a few weeks worth of iphone photos...

the girls had their monthly bath.
(that's not an exaggeration.) 
they've been rewarded with ice cream for tolerating the jogging stroller on long saturday runs.... 

new lighting in the kitchen!
(the one thing i bought on our shopping/eating trip!)
a nice afternoon with the in-laws... 
the blooms in front of our house make me verrrry happy... 

and lastly, a friday night living-room camp-out... 

hopefully that gives you a better idea of what's been keeping me away from the blogosphere the past few weeks. it's been sooo nice to spend time outside without cursing the bitter cold and dreary skies. plus, i love being able to send the girls outside to play while i fix dinner or... just for no reason at all. i hope spring is making its way to you!
and if it hasn't, i promise it'll be worth the wait!


  1. Being from Nebraska I can totally relate! Love the last picture :)


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  2. awww... your girls are totally adorable! We have been loving playing outside too... the kids can literally do it for hours which equals BLISS for me!

  3. I'd really like to be a mom like you someday. Just sayin.

  4. looks like a fun Twin Cities trip! That hotel/bar is so cool.. I've shot a bunch of weddings there and it's such a dream. :) and love the Ikea lights, I have a set as well! happy birthday again!

  5. yay!!!!!! love your little life so cute... and Quinn with the little legs and her saggy diaper was priceless :)

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