Friday, April 01, 2011


this post was going to be called m.i.a... but when your husband is in a war and you haven't blogged in a week, it's probably not the best choice of words.

i took an unplanned break from blogging this week.
here are my excuses...

1. i've been cheating on my blog with my dorkbox. i've been dorking out, playing scrabble non-stop. i'm addicted. i told mr.a i might have to delete the app from my phone. you know you're lonely when you start to daydream about your anonymous scrabble oponent. (not weird daydreams, you sicko! just nice ones where they compliment me on my 51-point word and we commiserate over having all vowels.)
2. we are really blessed to have a free membership to the YMCA because of mr.a's deployment. but part of the agreement is that you have to use your membership at least 8 times a month. no big deal, right? welllll....i didn't go a single time while mr.a was home, so we had a lot of catching up to do in the last week of march. it's hard wrangling two kids to the gym. especially when there are limited hours that they provide childcare. but we did it!
3. i mentioned before that i'm training for my first race. let me preface by saying i've never, ever been a runner. i enjoy working out, but had no desire to run. embarassingly, when i first started training, i probably couldn't run a single mile without walking some of it.
and, silly me, i decided that my first ever race would be... a 20k. yipes!

so this week was my first real week of following a training schedule. up until this point i'd just been trying to squeeze in 2 or 3 runs a week. but, if i'm going to do this (and i am going to do this), i can't just wing it. i really have to stick with my schedule and put the time in. i'm pretty nervous about it, but i know i'll feel incredible when i finish. (btw: i'm a notorious quitter. so it's a big deal for me, personally, to do this.) anyway, all that time spent running has to come from somewhere, and unfortunately it has edged its way into my blogging time.
4. so....i have these two kids. and sometimes i'm selfish and i just want to do stuff that i want to do (ie: blog) so i'm like, "hey kids, you like tv, right?" but that's not really the kind of mom i want to be. (at least not all the time.) and lately piper's temperament has really changed which makes it so much more fun to be her mom. frankly, it's about damn time. (haha, just kidding. but seriously. the terrible two's lasted waaaay too long for my sanity.) she's become so much more obedient, responsive, and sweet. and i'm so thankful for it. so the three of us have been having a lot of fun without much electronic intervention. except...scrabble.
anyway, i've missed blogging, but it was good for me to have a little time-out.
i've realized i need to be more organized (not my strong suit) if i'm going to keep all these balls in the air.*

*is that even a saying? isn't there something about juggling stuff? or wheels spinning? or is it plates that spin? i don't know. i'm picturing a performer at the zoo riding a unicycle and spinning plates and throwing puppies or... something.**
**this is what happens to my brain when i don't write for a week. but hey! i now know almost every legitimate two-letter word in scrabble!


  1. "Qi" has saved my butt a million times in Scrabble. I LOVE scrabble! I like to think of it as a productive time waster because I'm using my brain after all.

    As far as the running, go B.A.! I started my fitness journey back in September. When I started I couldn't even do one modified push up let alone run a mile without walking. Little by little I've gotten stronger every day. My trainer said that it's about reaching your absolute limit and then just trying to go a little bit further. Then when you do, stop, pat yourself on the back and call it day. The next day, try it again.

    This philosophy has served me well (although not every day because being a fitness gal and being a mom don't always line up the way we'd like it to). The key is to just keep getting up every day and doing it.

    A couple weeks ago I did my first fun run called a "Warrior Dash". Check it out! I think you would really like it. It's only 3 miles and you can totally crush it.

    You'll do great on your 20k. Pat yourself on the back, you are undertaking a wonderful goal!

  2. Have you tired "Words with Friends" on your dork box. It can be addicting too.

    That's great that the Y does that. I need to tell my friends who have deployed hushands. And remember that for myself the next time we are in the same boat.

    Hope you and the girls have a great weekend!

  3. I've never been a runner either, and I'm currently training for a half marathon! Funny how your perception can change so quickly, once your body gets used to running.

  4. I'm in track... and I do pretty much everything in track but run! Good luck in your 20 k!

  5. Thank you for this insight!!! I was thrilled when my husband walked in this afternoon and informed me that the Y here will do this, too:). Now to get me and my five girls there 8 times a month!! That'll be a feat!


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