Saturday, March 26, 2011


yesterday was one of those days i had a specific thing i wanted to wear, but couldn't figure out what that was. (does that make sense?) do you ever have those days? you just feel a certain way and you want your clothes to match that? anyway, it was snowing (blerg.) and i wanted to be cozy, but i had dressed like a slob all week so i wanted to put on a "real" outfit. anyway, after a few misses, i ended up with this combo. i know it's not the most flattering thing in the world (the kangaroo-pouch up front does not do anything for my momma-pooch.) but, i was super-comfy. and, to be honest, i loved this outfit.
i don't know why. it just fit my mood.
sweater: j.crew, $35
shirt/tunic: j.crew, $10
twill legging/pants: walmart, $12
boots: steve & barry's, $7

this has kind-of been a weird week for me. after mr.a left, i was so focused on ensuring the girls were okay, i didn't really take time to process it myself. plus, because of my amazing friends and family, i had a lot of fun distractions. (more on that soon...) 
but this week i've been processing.

this good-bye hasn't been as hard as others. we're kind of used to it now. but it's still another transition and the sadness sneaks up on me in the strangest moments. simply overhearing a mom say, "go with daddy" or seeing families all together or (oddly) hearing the chorus of this song will have me crinkling my nose to fight off tears.

but really, mostly, we're doing ok.


  1. I love this look! You look so pretty!

    I'm happy you have such great friends to distract you.
    I know that can be so important :)

  2. Hi
    You look B-Eautiful.
    I love you.
    And I"m a friend that distracts you.
    And you're doing great so pat yourself on the back :)

  3. um, that song would make me cry too. You might want to avoid that song until like a week before Mr. A. gets home - it will pump you up then. Now, maybe not so much.

    Got your card today! I'm always up for a shopping trip! :)

  4. I'm glad to hear you guys are doing ok! Like I said before, time will fly and he will be back home before you know it! I love hearing what you have to say, so be sure to check out my blog... I awarded you with Most Versatile Blogger! Maybe I'm biased as a fellow National Guard Wife (Georgia over here), but I really do think you are great! :)

  5. You look adorable! Great boots!

  6. Totally know the feeling you're talking about - I always have a non-existant outfit in mind that I can't quite put together at the time.

    Love it. You look cozy. :)

    Glad you have good people around you to keep you distracted. :))

  7. You are officially the QUEEN of finding cute inexpensive outfits! I love this- it looks so cute and classy.

  8. I was reading this post and Lu looks over and says "aw, she looks so good (or cute, I can't remember)"
    So funny and SO sweet at the same time!

    Love you :)

  9. I like it too!!! The skinny pants offset the bulk of the sweater!


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