Friday, March 18, 2011


can't say i'm related to the gap & co., but i guess you could call us friends.
whatever our relationship, this weekend's friends & family sale was good to me! so far i've only been to old navy but i found some great deals.
check out my loot!

full-price, all of these items would have been over $100.
pretty good deal, huh?
i'm psyched about the olive green wellies. they were the last pair in the store and just happened  to be my size. happy birthday to me and...happy shopping to you!

p.s. if you don't have a friends & family coupon,
you must be living in a cave e-mail me.
i have several.


  1. Happy birthday, you cute girl!!

  2. Happy birthday, you wonderful strong woman! I want these too. But I am soo far away.

  3. Yea! I hit up the Gap yesterday and got some GOOD goodies! My sister-in-law has worked for Gap forEVA. I actually remember when F&F was only "Family Day" and you had to shop in store - ha! Makes me feel old.

    I hope you had a super-dee-duper birthday! And splurged in a few ways for yourself!

    oxo, Jill

  4. Hey BA
    - I see you are shopping at Gap and Old Navy this weekend. If you are still out shopping or want to give this to your friends, just print and go.

    If you haven't read my blog lately I have Type-1 Diabetes and JDRF is having a 30% off and 5% goes directly to JDRF heres the link:

    happy shopping!!

  5. woohoo! i have to share that there was this jacket i had been eyeing at Gap for months now but didnt want to spend the money on full price and even as of last weekend it was still full price...decided i was going to get it with my 30% off this weekend and when i got there it was also marked down (finally!) and as i pulled my debit card out the pay i found a $25 giftcard to gap i forgot i i ended up getting it for $3 out of pocket! it was an amazing moment for me! and i left the store knowing b.a. would be proud!

  6. GREAT deals, I am a little grounded from shopping right now:) A big box from Wet Seal (clearance 40% off) accidentally showed up on my front porch! Can't wait to see what else you score!!!

  7. Love your finds, my dear. Can't wait to see how you will style them :)

    matters of merrymaking

  8. Ha! At first I thought you were selling this stuff...and I was so excited. I love those boots!

  9. Wow! That is just amazing. You found some awesome things. Great job!


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