Wednesday, March 16, 2011


our last moments...

it's such a weird thing, saying good-bye.
you stand around. make small talk. ask questions you already know the answer to. you hug. you kiss. you say i love you. you kiss again. and again and again.
and, at some point, you just have to let go and let him walk away.

you watch him, through the crowd, up the escalator, until he finally turns and gives one last wave. you stand there, crying and waving and watching until all you can see are his boots. and then he's gone. and it's time to walk away.

as you head to the car, now three instead of four, you avoid eye contact with everyone around you. you sense their empathy, but know making eye contact would completely dissolve your steel.

we made our walk to the car. i reigned in my emotions and put the girls in their seats. i caught myself just before getting in the passenger side. whoops. 
once i got in and got settled, piper said,

"mommy, who's going to make your eggs now?"

"well................i guess i'll have to make my own eggs now, baby."


  1. Bethany, I seriously don't know how you guys do it. I have massive respect for you guys.

  2. Wow, I have so much respect for you, your husband, and your family. I can't even began to imagine what it must feel like.

  3. When will Mr. A's deployment be over and he can be home home for a while?

  4. awwww... sweet girl. Thinking and praying for you! I JUST finished addressing a little something for you - popping in the mail tomorrow!

  5. You are are. We are strong, as military wives, we have to be. But we cry, and that only makes us human. The last time I had to do that was in July, and I hated every second of it....walking in the door, putting the kids in front of a movie and then sobbing in the bathroom like a little baby. But you have to get it out....thinking of you today, and praying the time goes quickly!

  6. You could write a novel. I LOVE reading your blog.

  7. i don't know how you do it. you are so much stronger than i could ever be

  8. heartbreaking. and priceless. your pain is a testimony to your love. perfectly messy honest love.

  9. A big thank you to yours and all the military families out there...I can't even imagine how hard this must be. I will be praying for a safe return for your husband and a peaceful time for you and your girls while he is gone.

  10. Bethany
    I know how that walk feels . My hubby isnt in the military but spends most of the year away for work . He travels around the world as he's a producer for reality tv shows . But I know how it feels. My kids and I are sort of used to it now . Its always hard when he leaves though . I always have to stay strong for the kids .
    hang in there

  11. oh sweet girl...saying a prayer for you right now.

  12. You are an amazingly strong woman.

  13. You do a great job of holding your head up, but keeping it real. I enjoy your "leadership" of sorts in that area:).
    My husband is about to head out again. He's been home a little over a year ... only the second time that's happened in the last 8 years. Goodbyes are weird and for me I think the emotions that go along with them change with every goodbye. Very tricky to pinpoint with a perfect description:).

    Blessings and a big HOOAH to you and your family!
    Thank you for your sacrifice.


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