Tuesday, March 01, 2011


who wore it best?  
i know, i know, i should be making out with mr.a right now. but, he's playing outside with piper and i'm supposed to be folding laundry
(which i will avoid at all costs), so blogging it is.

i thought you'd all like to hear about the time i let reese witherspoon borrow my prom dress and she wore it to the oscars.
no big deal...
2001                                                        2011

i know my bangs leave a bit to be desired and i hadn't discovered the wonders of bronzer yet; but don't you think r-dub could use a necklace? 
she should've borrowed mine.
it was from claire's.


  1. You are too funny! When I saw that dress I totally screamed out "Isn't that a prom dress???" I loved the dress, just thought I'd seen it in pictures from every prom and senior banquet I've ever looked at.

    You rocked it, though!! It's a classic, timeless look.

  2. LOL too funny - i wore that same dress to junior year homecoming! i was dying when i saw her arrive. i had braces at the time, so, ya know, she might have looked a tad better than i did ;)

  3. Oh, how funny! You're such a trendsetter! :)

    I loved *loved* those earrings that RW wore. Sans necklace was definitely the way to go with those...(and the bracelet too). Gorgeous!

  4. oh I love this... too funny. She def could use a necklace!

  5. Oh my, hilarious! I thought her gown was a bit of a throw back! :) This is hysterical!

  6. Ha! I thought the same thing... for me, it was Junior Prom! :)

  7. Reese looked like a Barbie doll i used to have with blonde pony tail and black sheath. Loved it. Love your blog!

  8. You're a blogging Machine. Yes you should be making out with Mr. A :) But I love the blogging company! Hope you're having an amazing time and hope to see the two of you :)

  9. wow, my sister with an updo...that'll never happen again.


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