Thursday, March 10, 2011


date day.
yesterday mr.a and i finally got to go on a date--just the two of us! he woke me up saying that today we would do my two favorite things: eating and shopping! my mom took our girls for the afternoon, so we had lunch at miyabi 9 and browsed around east village.
after a couple stores, i had to bribe mr.a with a pint at the locust tap so he could keep going. when he takes me shopping, we have a system of one beer for every two stores. keeps us both happy.
the tap is this crusty old dive that has been open since 1930. every inch of the place is covered in rust or decay or graffiti. the bathroom floor is literally crumbling and the average patron...well, let's just say they blend well with the decor.
it was a great first date.


  1. Oh man, Miyabi 9 is soooo delish!

    I'm really happy for you guys. I just keep thinking about how great it is that you guys get to be together again. :)

  2. You have a sparkle in your eye that I only see when Mr.A. is home. Love it!!

  3. So sweet! You look so happy!
    I Love your blog! I've been reading secretly since you started the last 30 for 30. Have fun with your man!

  4. The Tap is owned by my hubby's former's such a great dive.

  5. I love that you always take pics of eachother from across the table. Sooo sweet! I'm so happy you had a date with your man.

    I'm still hoping for a hair tutorial on how you get those gorgeous waves! :)

  6. You guys are so cute. So glad you're able to spend some time with your man!!! :)

  7. looks like a great date! Loved that last pic of you sweet!


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