Wednesday, March 09, 2011


hey! sorry i bailed on you guys this past week. i've been a little busy staring at mr.a, taking pictures of him when he's not looking and trying to make sure we're never more than 12 feet apart. yeeeaah, i get kinda stalkerish when the military borrows my husband for a year. anyway...
we took a family road trip out to colorado and got to spend some time with family.
mr.a set up his computer so the girls could watch movies the whole way.
they were in disney heaven.
you can see the remnants of quinn's first shiner in the picture below.
she took a dive for the coffee table a few days before we left.
if you've never been to estes park,
the drive up through big thompson canyon is incredible.
piper's cousin averi (who is exactly one month younger than her) came out to colorado, too. they had a lot of fun playing dress-up, making snowflakes out of napkins, and working in their "office."
mr.a's oldest brother, nate, has an i-phone that kept us entertained and informed with clips of charlie sheen and some UFO in china.*
this is the view from nate's front porch...
the little girls were pretty excited that uncle nate's house was built right into the rocks.
don't worry, we were allowed to trespass...
there were lots of big rocks to explore, all in nate's backyard.

the next day we took a long walk down the river.
quinn was so stinkin' cute. she was so proud and excited to be walking on her own. it's been so cold for so long, she's honestly not spent much time outside since she's been able to walk.
after we played at the playground a while, we went to my favorite shop,
long's peak paper house. (formerly known as the papeterie.)
i have to admit, i literally got teary-eyed as i walked through this store. it's just so beautiful and warm and unique. and, you probably don't know this about me, but i used to have a severe journal addiction. i looooved buying new journals. so this place is like my crack-house.
 i also love cards. so much. i stand in the card aisles and cry. yes, i know, it's ridiculous. even if they're happy cards. or really creative. or really sweet. i cry.
they had these sweet light fixtures in the windows.
this one was made out of dixie cups...
we attempted a family picture with the camera timer. this is the result...
oh well. if that's not pretty enough, check out these adirondacks sitting right below a mountain, right above a river, and right next to a winery.
ummm...that might trump target as my new happy place.
it was nice to be in such a beautiful place together.
and it was really nice to see mr.a having fun with his big brothers.

*nate's i-phone has been dubbed the "dork-box."
feel free to borrow this term. as in: "hey, can you dork-box movie times?"
or, "what's the weather like in chicago? dork-box it!"


  1. ohmygosh ... that pic with mr. a and piper walking and quinn trailing behind is so stinkin cute! She's like, "what for me guys!". thanks for sharing! looks like you had some great family time!

  2. I am just so happy for you guys! It is clear how much you loved and missed each other.

    Also, I just got a dork box, and it is awesome.

  3. I often read your blog from my dork box


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