Sunday, February 20, 2011


old man winter needed a little break, so he headed down to phoenix with the other snowbirds. luckily for us, that meant 40-70 degree weather for the past week! i didn't wear a single pair of socks or winter coat all week! it was awesome.

ignore my air-dried hair, tired make-up and retainers please.

this week i'm looking forward to a few good runs (i'm training for this), devouring this book, and having a moms-only slumber party. (wanna come?!) plus...a ridiculous amount of laundry, folding, and cleaning. boo.

leather jacket: bb dakota
ruffled top: j.crew
tank: walmart
black pants: gap
flats: steve madden
necklace: gift


  1. I want to do the Dam-to-Dam too!!! I am only going to do the 5k as I won't have very long to train after I have the baby. That's super cool! Mom's only slumber party?! What a cool idea!

  2. I'm training for a run, too - a half marathon on Vancouver Island! Good luck with your training!

  3. love those shoes with the squarish toes. what is that style called? and ahem, very sexy toe clevage, girl.

    good for you for training for the Dam-to-Dam. if i were to run, i would probably just say damn and then give up!!

    have fun at your slumber party!!

  4. Good for you!! I did the Dam to Dam last year and it was really a lot of fun!! Not sure if I'm doing it yet this year again or not... have not stayed up to date on my running this winter- so we'll see!

  5. Super cute outfit! I love your necklace!
    Bekah- Matters of Merrymaking


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