Sunday, February 13, 2011


all dressed-up and no place to go.
by "dressed-up" i mean i showered.
oh, were you expecting more? heels, maybe? i love to shower, but it just dries my skin and hair out so much, that i usually only do it a few times a week. so i try to save showers for days that i actually have something to do. today i showered, got ready, got dressed, only to have the girls beg me for naps. (meaning, they tantrum'd their sweet little hearts out.)
so, we stayed home for the afternoon. took naps. watched alice in wonderland (the cartoon one), and ended the day with dinner and a trip to target.

lately i struggle when taking outfit pictures. i know a lot of bloggers spend a lot of time on their outift pics and they end up with beautiful, well-composed, well-edited photos. i just don't have that much time to spend. usually it's 5-10 minutes during nap-time. being indoors (due to snow/weather) also makes it difficult because we have a fairly small house and not a single wall is without door, window, or decoration. it can be hard to find a good spot that isn't either a) messy or b) too distracting. so, pleaes forgive my attempts at being behind the camera and before it.

shirt: j c.rew
neckalce: oooold
belt: j.crew
jeans: charlotte russe
flats: nine west 


  1. I struggle with my pics is my issue. Great outfit and great necklace!

  2. you look awesome! love the outfit and your hair looks all adorable! you could have taken this pic in a dump and still been a knockout. For reals.

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  4. I like that about your outfit posts. I like seeing a busy mom pulls it all together. Seems attainable, you know? When I see perfectly edited photos, I pretty much just glance through the photos and keep reading the next blog. Love the real-ness of yours!

  5. I'm also limited with places for pics! You really do manage to get amazing, flattering ones though!
    Huge fan of your blog! BEKAH-- Matters of Merrymaking

  6. i want to train my hair to not be washed every day! do you use dry shampoo or anything?


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