Friday, February 11, 2011


fried-brain friday.
at this point in the week i don't have much brain power left. plus, today i was a guest on a radio show (!!) so i used all my words there. tonight is a pizza & movie night at my parent's house (my brother is in town from california!) so luckily that doesn't require much verbal ability. and hopefully only one hand. (see below.)
 stripes + flowers = love.

do the pictures of my shoes (feet) gross you out?or is it just my super-dirty floors that gross you out? 
jacket: tommy hilfiger 
(apparently they do make stuff that isn't red, white and blue!)
scarf: target
top: gap
tank: walmart
jeans: gap
flats: steve madden

hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. love the clothes as always- random question: what kind of make-up do you use? you always look so fresh! haha i like it.

  2. a few days ago i was inspired by how you mix striped shirt with flower scarves and tried it myself and i love it, thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I LOVE that scarf! I've been looking for a flowery scarf for the spring and that one is so perfect. Very cute:)

  4. ok, I get it, can you help a 55 year old women?

  5. I love the way you layer your outfits! Do you think you could give us some tips on layering? I have tons of shirts but need help with some outer pieces...

    Also, what is the brand of your leather brown jacket that I have seen in other posts? I would love to find something similar to that :)

    Thanks so much for all of your help!


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