Tuesday, February 08, 2011


here's one of those "no big deal" outfits. but it's also a testament to the power of an awesome necklace. i know i've talked about my love for the "statement" necklace before, and truly, if you don't have one--you need one. put it on your birthday list. all you need is a t-shirt, some pants, a statement necklace, and (since it's winter) a cardigan. easy. you can do that.
this one is my favorite because it has sentimental value and all my favorite colors in it; making it super-wearable. if this outfit looks familiar, it's because i wore almost the same thing on my date with miss k. just switched out my sweater & shoes. and underwear.

do you guys have any of these little socky things? my sis got some for me for christmas this year and they. are. awesome. they look a little dorky if they show, but fingerscrossed, no one will notice. it's amazing how this thin little layer keeps your feet so much warmer.

cardigan: j.crew
scoop neck tee: j.crew
pants: sanctuary
flats: steve madden
necklace: gift

i've been feeling pretty blahablahblah lately. and by lately i mean since november. haha. but seriously, i feel like i'd rather not post anything than flood this space with blah-ness. piper and i are sort-of hitting a funk in this deployment business. she's been having a really hard time lately, lots of tears and "i miss daddy"s. the other day we were at target and i noticed they put out all their swimsuits. so i say to piper, "maybe we should just go on a vacation. do you want to go on a vacation?" and she's like, "NO! i just want to go home and watch charlie and lola!!!" haha, she was sick of being at target. 
i wish i could just hibernate and wake up to sunshine and 70-degrees.
or... go on vacation.


  1. I wear those little socky things all the time! Love em'! It's the only way I can get by wearing ballet flats in these freezing temps. I do find myself tucking them in constantly though...oh well. they're comfy and worht it!

  2. oops...that's WORTH it not 'worht'.

  3. Lets go on a vacation... so weird bc my SIL and I joke all the time that we are going to Hawaii, yesterday I was getting home getting Brinn out and I just thought what would people say if I just got a ticket to like Florida or something for a week took Brinn stayed somewhere cheap and just GOT away from everyone everything for a week. The weather would be so much nicer, I think when it's nice and sunny it's easier you're happier I believe.

  4. I'm also a huge fan of statement necklaces.
    And the zipper flats. I have those little sock things too! The ones made for peep toes are awesome as well!
    Bekah- Matters of Merrymaking

  5. i just recently came across your blog and am really enjoying following along! i, too, love those little sock thingies! but, for winter there's an even better version! in the same place where you find those socks @ target or walmart, they have knee-high socks in that pantyhose material. they're perfect to make your feet more comfortable in cute flats, keep you warmer, and the best part is--no one can tell you're wearing any socks! :) just thought i'd share!

  6. I wear those little sock things too! They are awesome. Mine show too! I am ready for warm weather too...so over this winter.

  7. those flats are adorable! i just bought some of those socks but haven't worn them yet.


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