Friday, February 04, 2011


a walking target.
i'm thiiiiisclose to taking a quick nap (like, i'm already in bed, typing with my eyes closed), but i wanted to say hi before the weekend begins! yesterday i stepped foot in the mall for the first time since christmas!
i got a couple layering basics from j.crew (on sale) but the rest of the trip was uninspiring and uneventful. all the spring clothes are coming out and it's just not exciting because i know how long it will be til we can actually wear them around here. but, at least by then they'll be on sale!
anyway, i tried on like, 32 pairs of pants at the gap, to no avail. i'm just in-between sizes and in-between lengths. at this point stacy & clinton would start talking about the importance of a good tailor, which i understand, but sometimes you  just want some instant gratificiation. actually trying on something that fits perfectly--just the way it is.
anyway, these pics are post-pant-pity-party...

entire outfit: target
cardigan: $22
button-down: $20
t-shirt: $8
belt: $4
jeans: $20
flats: patagonia, $40


  1. I love the sweater with the button-up, the mixing patterns look great!! :)

  2. I have issues with pants too...either too long or ill fitting in the waist. Gap and AE pants fit me pretty well. I have to get everything low waist though...or else they sag and look weird. Good luck and I love your outfit!

  3. I LOVE this outfit!! also love that it is all from target! Your girls are such cuties!

  4. i love this outfit! you are so good at layering. i really want that button-down shirt...

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