Friday, February 18, 2011


i'm not avoiding you.
i promise.
i've just been...
okay, i've been avoiding you.

not sure why, really. i certainly have things i want to blog about (ie: several of you have requested a make-up/skincare blog, a maternity-wear blog, and i have an ode to piper bouncing around in my brain.) but...i never want to force myself to blog. occasionally i'll feel pressure get a post up every day so you guys don't forget about me. but that's silly, right? because, i didn't start this blog for you, i started it for me. and when i started it, i honestly never considered that anyone would actually read it, nevertheless like it.
(which is wonderful and i'm honored and thrilled and i love you!)
but, i think the realization that there is an audience can be a good and a bad thing. you know? so, i never want to write for you. does that makes sense? or does it sound jerky? i just don't ever want to lose authenticity around here. so, i guess what i'm saying is, i'd rather blog less & keep it real, than blog more & just to keep people around. knowhatimean?
speaking of keeping it real.
here's a super-embarassing moment from my day:
i was talking to someone, a virtual stranger, 
and i was saying that i tend to make fun of myself.
but, rather than use those words, i said,
"i guess i'm a little self-defecating."

strange look.


"ummm...that's not what i meant."
hope you have a
grammatically-correct weekend!


  1. So true! I hear ya, if you don't feel it then don't blog:) We are still here!

  2. Maternity-wear blog! Yes!!! If you could get that up within the next couple weeks so I could use your advice before I pop in 6 weeks, I would greatly appreciate it. ;)

  3. Self-defecating! That's sooo something I would say by mistake. Wanting to sound all smart and wordy and instead say something totally embarrassing! Made me chuckle!

  4. you're awesome! I love that you are staying true to yourself!! keep it up! Thanks for the chuckle, I would totally do the same thing!


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