Tuesday, February 15, 2011


views from our lovely day.
1. from mr. a. i'm pretty sure i can get them to last til he comes home! 
2. we had a lunch date with our bonus-grandma.
3. piper all dressed-up for her preschool party.
i have to admit, i cried. apparently i'm one of those moms. she just looked so grown-up! she even said, "mom! stop crying!" ha, i'm embarassing her already.
4. the perfect day to start a little match-making for quinn. 
5. she played hard-to-get.
 6. saying thank-you for my flowers, face to face. or...face to screen?
 7. friends graciously invited me to their v-day date. they cooked (seared ahi tuna! drooool.), served, even had valentines for my girls. the meal was incredible, but it's their thoughtfulness that just totally blows my mind. 
 8. red velvet!

it was such a great day. between visits, calls and texts from friends and family; i didn't even have a chance to feel sad without my valentine. i just felt really loved. and isn't that what everyone hopes for on valentine's day?


  1. AHI TUNA!!!!!!!!!! Oh man, I love that. I am having somebody bring me some to the hospital after I deliver this baby.

    Looks like you had a great V-day. :)

  2. that cupcake holder is darling!! i'm glad you got to spend time with friends on Valentines Day, they were very thoughtful :)

  3. mmmmm...those cupcakes look good ;)

  4. those lil girlies of yours are just too adorable!

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