Saturday, February 05, 2011


date night.
last night i went out with my girl, miss k. good ol' dinner-and-a-movie. we took turns reaching for the check, pulling out chairs, and opening doors for one another. chivalry is alive and well, i say.

we started with blue valentine at the fleur. if you're not from around here, the fleur is this great local theater that features films that you generally can't find in other theaters in des moines. (aka: any indie movies.) they have yummy desserts and snacks. and they serve booze.* and by booze i mean they have like, two types of wine and and a few different beers that are all terribly overpriced. but, i suppose everything is when you go to the movies. 
anyway, i was really excited to see blue valentine. i had geeked out, and watched all kinds of clips and interviews on imdb. i don't know what your taste in movies is, so i hesitate to recommend it to the general public. but for me, it was really great.
 after the movie, we went to the continental for tapas. it was amazing. we shared shrimp adriatico, crab cakes, and pork tacos. every bite was incredible. my mouth is watering just thinking about it all. they had a great little jazz band and a good crowd going.
to balance out the upscale, we met up with some friends at the high life lounge for some cheap beer and low-brow conversation (topics included our love for canada, why the u.s. needs tim hortons, and the fact that it's okay to only like really good or really bad beer.) the high life is this retro dive complete with shag carpet, wood paneling, and vintage decor.  esquire even named it one of the best bars in america! it's a good, low-key place to hang out.
anyway, we had a great time, laughed a lot, and stayed out way too late.
miss k was the perfect date.

*i like to throw out the word "booze" on occasion because it sounds so crass. it just makes me laugh. yes, my sense of humor tends to err towards the uncouth. i get it from my mom.**

**bahahaha! just kidding, mom! (my mom is like, the furthest thing from crass. we don't even say the word cr*p in her presence.)

*** did anyone else notice the creepy faces reflecting in the window of the continental? (behind the jazz band.) at first i thought it was a family of ghosts who must've died crossing the street to get to the continental... but then i realized it's just a huge wall-hanging thing on the building across the street.


  1. Love your blog but never get around to commenting... however I have to chime in that we (U.S.) needs a Tim Hortons! Everytime Steve goes fishing I make him bring back as many cans as he can carry over the border.

    In fact, I just used up our last can and he won't be back to Canada until August. Bummer.

  2. I totally didn't see the creepy faces until you mentioned it. That cracked me up... :)

  3. Tim Hortons has entered into a few test markets in the U.S. . . here's the link on where you can find U.S. locations:

  4. Fun night! I'll have to check out Blue Valentine... I love indie flicks, except for the extraordinarily weird ones. I love a quirky movie. There is Tim Horton's in MICHIGAN! Not on our side of the state, but on the East side... although, that practically IS Canada. What do you like? Their coffee? I'll pick you up some when I am over there next! :)

  5. Love that you enjoyed a date night out, you deserve it! Been reading your blog for sometime, and amazed by your strength to raise your family while apart from your hubby, and share your personal thoughts with us. You deserve lots of hugs and nights out, cheap beer, AND a timmies!

    Just moved back to Canada and am so bummed there are NO timmies in my vicinity, such a shame! But I love Canada :)

  6. I do want to see blue valentine bad. Glad to have a good review. YES! I totally saw the creepy family faces and wondered what the ringo was going on. Fun night!!!

  7. Did you know high life was one of the restaurants that 'man v food' went to when they filmed in Des Moines? Apparently they have the best fried chicken ever.

  8. Glad to hear you enjoyed Blue Valentine. I really want to see it. I would love it if the theaters in my area served booze. Wait, do that make me sound like a lush? :)

  9. Looked like a great night out...keep up the good work of mothering/living life as a single parent! You're doing great! You always make DSM look great, and thank you for that. Iowa will always be home.

  10. I live in NY and we have TH!

  11. Looks like such a fun evening!!!
    Gotta love girls night. And the movie was amazing to me!!!

    Bekah-Matters of Merrymaking

  12. man, i didnt' want to admit it but i geeked out too and watched a ton of interviews about the actors too and the movie. it was so good. Im glad you saw it.

    sounds like a really fun girls night

  13. hahaha, love all the side notes!

  14. Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog so much that I added it to my sidebar under "Blogs I love". Keep up the good work!

  15. hey! i went to high school with katie! it's such a small world.

    and that is too funny about the reflecting faces in the window!!!

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