Tuesday, February 01, 2011


six months ago...
mr.a left for his deployment..

and we've survived 6 months worth of hard days.
not every day has been bad, but every day has been hard.

but today we celebrate...
halfway day! 
 we've spent the day in our pajamas eating yummy food....
(french toast with sauteed bananas)

and talking about all the fun things we will do when he returns. ideas include: never letting him out of our sight, going to disney world, visiting the nyc (to see these guys!), going to vegas (with these guys!), entire days spent snuggling, and some other fun things that need not be mentioned.

i can't say i'd ever want to go through this again,
but we're doing okay.
here's to hoping the next six months fly by!


  1. You're so strong! You're doing great :) Hope the six months FLY BY for you!

  2. Yay! Doing the happy dance for you! The weather will start improving soon and it will be all down hill! He will be here before you know it! Hooray!

  3. Congrats on the halfway mark! Can't wait for you guys to come visit :)

  4. Woohoooooo!!! 6 months! I'm happy for you. :)

  5. Yummy, that french toast looks delish! Hope the next six months flys by!

  6. Found your blog through another blog. That's awesome you are halfway there! My husband is in the AF, so he deploys sometimes, but he hasn't gone for 6 months before. That's got to be hard! Glad you're hanging in there!


  7. You're amazing :) I agree I think we have all done great but I don't think I ever want to experience this again. It's so amazing the girls I have met (you) it's been the best part of this whole experience. Life long girlfriends:)
    Also the things for me that I took for granted I don't think I ever will. I will never take for granted just them walking through that door every night. Just being home every night. STAY STRONG

    Nicole :)

  8. YAY!! You made it half way!!! I am so excited for you!!!!! and Seth!!!! and the girls!!!!!!

    And I am willing to make exceptions in regards to the Ding Dong the Witch is Dead shirt. :-)

  9. Woo hoo! Halfway! Have you looked into Shades of Green, the military resort at Disney World? We went to the military owned Hawaii resort Hale Koa and it was amazing (and reasonable). Isn't he about due for R&R;)

  10. I don't know how you do it. But I admire each and every one of you.

    Doesn't mean I'm not gonna steal your breakfast though.

  11. Yeah!!

    Amy @


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