Sunday, January 30, 2011


still wear-in' it.
thanks so much for all your responses to my last wear post. it's really humbling that you guys find inspiration here and i really appreciate your kind words, your support, and your encouragment to keep doin' what i do. in defense of my friend, she was honestly offering constructive criticism and there was nothing negative about our conversation. i just wanted to clear that up. she wasn't being rude, she just understands that outfit posts are somewhat time-consuming and was offering some advice; to only spend time taking pictures if i'm really confident in my outfit.
but! since you guys twisted my arm, i'll probably start taking pictures even when i'm wearing sweatpants & flannel shirts. (meredith's fave.) 

anyway, today i was trying to take pictures while having a conversation with my mom. i wasn't really paying attention and i get super-awkward trying to pose in front of anyone. so, i don't have much to show for it. but, here's a little glimpse of what i wore today...

yeeeah, lame.
take it 'er leave it.

cardigan: j.crew, $35
denim shirt: banana republic, christmas gift (last year)
henley: forever 21, $7
jeans: gap, $25
flats: nine west, christmas gift ('05!)


  1. Not lame! again... love the layering! You look cute and warm.

  2. you do layering up just right. i always look like an overstuffed turkey when I layer too many things--i love the it orangey-red?? or more just orangey?? either way. love.

    i have such a hard time pairing demins. not that i own like a bazillion jeans & jean shirts...but i love the light shirt with the dark stitching...makes it seem to "flow" a bit better.

    thanks for keepin' it real, girlfriend.

  3. LOVE the orange sweater.. suuuper cute :)

  4. This is so cute! Love the orange sweater & shoes!

  5. Orange sweater is a MUST HAVE. Denim shirt I've always wanted one... but didn't know how to wear it :) love it as always... PS I think those shoes had a little too much fun Friday night :)

  6. I love this outfit! There's some great layering going on. I'm so glad you found my blog so I could find yours! Stay warm in this blizzard! :)


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