Wednesday, January 19, 2011


yipes! sorry for the cleav.
j.crewish cardigan: target, $20
white v-neck: j.crew, $5 (employee discount)
necklace: christmas gift from my sister!
(isn't it awesome? it deserves its own post.)
 double-wrap belt: forever 21, $8
jeans: gap, $24
flats: steve madden, dsw, $22  
hat: forever 21, $14

has anyone noticed target's merona line lately?
its j.crew copy-catting is pretty cute and about half the price. the cardigan i'm wearing is almost identical to this j.crew version. i love the real thing as much as the next blogger, but i also worked at j.crew (which included a sweet discount) so it's especially hard for me to pay full retail price knowing what i used to pay. now, i can't say the stores compare in customer-service or policy,* but this line is a pretty good substitute for cute knits and t's. their colorways are even j.crew-esque!

 so, next time the j.crew catalog makes your heart race and mouth water,* just hit up your local target for a quick-fix!

*i despise target's return policy.
**anyone else? or is that just me...


  1. super cute outfit! I need to do better about checking out clothes at Target, I'm there all the time any way...

  2. You make me want to shopping you feed to my addiction :) LOVE the outfit love your style love it all!!!

  3. where is the hat from? cute outfit! and yes, I notice the same thing at Target.

  4. oops! forgot my poor hat! i'll add it now.

  5. You look so chic! I have never had a problem returing anything at Target. In fact, I found 2 unopened brand new cds I had bought there last year in my room around Christmas and they gave me store credit for them! Awesome! Especially considering most places will not return cds without a receipt.

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  7. @jess: thanks for your comment!
    let me explain about target...
    maybe my judgment of their policies was a bit harsh, however...did you know you can only do 3 returns without a receipt per YEAR? they track them with your driver's license. no matter if it's for $1 or $100. one time, i bought a bra there (probably a bad idea to begin with, but, i can't help it. i'm addicted to cheap undies.) and after pulling the tags off to wear it, i realized the strap was sewn on wrong and was twisted. i hadn't kept my receipt (not thinking there'd be anything wrong with said bra) but i brought the tags and they WOULD NOT let me return it! isn't that crazy?
    and a friend of mine accidently received three of the exact same pack & play from her baby registry (and, for some reason wasn't provided gift receipts) and they WOULD NOT let her return ANY of them!! isn't that crazy?!! not for store credit. not for nothin'. she had to keep all three!
    anyway, our local target employs the "return nazi" and she won't let anything slide. even when i have all the tags & my receipt i'm worried she'll find a reason to deny me. BUT, that's just been my experience. i'm relieved to know that hopefully this is the exception! (because, really, i hate to think anything negative about my happy place.)

    sorry for the wordy explanation. :/

  8. I feel the same way about Target's return policy... love the store though.

  9. My biggest problem with Target is when ordering things online. 9 times out of 10 I get an email 3 weeks later saying they don't have the item in stock and don't plan to restock it anytime soon. Most sites will tell you right then and there that your size isn't available. Stinking Target. I really wanted those snow boots....

  10. Love the outfit-- will have to check out the Merona line. Can't be too careful with anyone's return policy these days!

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