Tuesday, January 25, 2011


i probably don't need to confess that i've been a little...uninspired lately.
we're in the throes of winter blues around here. or, winter greys.

i'm not like, sitting around eating ben & jerry's and watching oprah re-runs all day. but the past couple of weeks have been pretty uneventful. it's just really freaking cold. and grey. (please note: i spell grey with an "e" because we grew up in canada and that's how canadians roll. sometimes i try to use an "a" but it just looks weird to me so i'm stickin' with my guns. and by guns i mean fellow canadians.)

today was one of those days that just started out on the wrong foot. i literally woke up to piper yelling, "moooooommmmmaaaaaaa!
i need to pee but there's pooooooh all over the potty!"

apparently our toilet had gotten backed up (don't look at me) and was right on the verge of overflow. i told her she could pee "just don't flush it!"

well, don't you know: she flushed it.
so, i spent a good portion of the morning sanitizing the toilet, the bathroom floor, and my hands.
there were a few other "moments" that just got our day off to a bad start and i found myself resigning to the fact that today was just going to be bad. i started getting really bogged down by how hard life is right now. (does anyone else find it easy to just say, "well today is just a bad day." and give up on it? that happens to me sometimes.)

but, i didn't give up on our day.
quinn had a great nap and i cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. i know i give cleaning a bad rap, but today i kind of enjoyed it. it felt good and i was proud of myself. anyone that knows me (or has read this blog more than once) probably knows i hate to clean. but today i vaccuumed (!), emptied and re-loaded the dishwasher (!!), mopped the floors (!!!), washed, folded, and put away 4 loads of laundry (!!!!), and whitened my teeth. ok, i guess that's not technically house cleaning. but i was proud of myself for that, too.

i'm not really sure what the moral of this post is.
basically, the day started out bad. i was feeling grouchy and sad and sorry for myself. but... then it turned around!
and i felt good and strong and proud of myself.
so, i suppose it's never too late to turn a bad day into a good day.

don't write-off your day!


  1. Whoa! Canada! Where'd you grow up?! Are you Canadian??

  2. Lotsa checkmarks - you rock!

    Amy @ http://aplaceinthesunforus.blogspot.com/

  3. Way to pull yourself up for what sounded like a good day to have a pity-party! Hang in there.

  4. Way to go! When you said you mopped the floor, that's what did it for me. Mopping is kind of next to dusting the ceiling fan and reorganizing the basement...not sure that's appropriate, but that's about how often I do it.

  5. @V: i'm not canadian (i actually was born in texas! long story.) but we lived in sarnia, ontario for my elementary school years. my little sister is canadian, though!

  6. i always KNEW there was something Canadian about you, and HERE IT IS!!!:) LOVE IT! I use grey all the time because gray looks wrong. Glad i'm not the only one.

    I HATE when my days start bad in the am. Is it bad that my days only turn REALLY bad when i try to get ready as fast as i can to get to my first client and i'm BOMBARDED with phone calls. I swear, in a child free home i should be able to go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, by mascara on and give myself insulin with out being interrupted.

    Even if you have nothing to say, i still get all excited to read what you wrote!!:)

  7. I spell grey with an e as well. And I call it soda, not pop. And I am proud of you for mopping. That is impressive. What kind of whitening agent do you use on your teeth? Does Piper really call you Moo-Ma?

  8. Thanks for sharing about your day! It's been yucky grey/gray :) in seattle too. Blah. Maybe i would feel better if i did something productive. Good for you with all that cleaning!

  9. B

    It's so easy to do that get down on ourselves. I've had a lot of those days lately... but it's the winter blues for sure! I'm ready for soem nice weather and parks and walks and runs and just being outside and the nice weather makes everyone feel better!!!!! can't wait to see you Friday :)

  10. No wonder I like your blog.. I grew up in Canada too. (the real reason I like your blog is because it's funny and real, but you know for the sake of the Great White North, I will say it's because we both grew up in Canada)


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