Tuesday, January 18, 2011



yesterday i had some kind of flu bug. i started to get really nauseous after watching the golden globes. (no, it had nothing to do with scarlett johanssen's hair.) i slept fine but woke up yesterday just as nauseous. i had that mouth-watering, on-the-verge-of-barfing feeling all day. and chills. and aches. my whole body just hurt. even my hair hurt. oh, and rather than actually barfing, my body decided to rid itself of everything...the other way. blech.
luckily, the girls were darlings. they kept each other entertained and both took good naps. so, i spent most of the day curled up on the couch in the fetal position, dozing in & out of some hgtv marathon and trips to the bathroom. i managed to stay up long enough for the bachelor (oooh, that michelle! she's trouble.) but went to bed at 9:30. seems like all that snoozing and sleeping did the trick cause i feel pretty good today. and the sun is out! halle-mc-lujah! 

mr.a sent me the sweetest love-mail today.
like a love letter, but in e-mail form.

today i'm going to return the dyson. yes, i know, the much-debated dyson. i think if we had carpet throughout our house it'd be totally worth it. but, we don't. so i'm gonna get one of those shark steam-vac things instead, saving myself a couple benjamins in the process. by "saving" i mean, i already re-spent that money on a new camera! wahoooo! i'd been looking at dslr's for a couple years and, as much as i wanted one, i was always nervous about lugging around a huge camera. so, i decided on canon's G12. i found this random tech-y website that was having a big sale for the weekend, so i got a sweet deal on it. it hasn't arrived yet, but i'm really excited to learn how to use it. it was scary to make a purchase like that without getting mr.a's input, so i had my blogging buddy's husband fill in and help me bite the bullet. he's pretty much a camera master,* so i trust his opinion.

*like, he actually gets paid to take pictures of stuff.

and, to break up the wordiness of this post, here are some random pictures of my children:
happy quinn:
emo piper:

does american idol start tonight? it's about dang time.

well, that's the stuff in my head right now. hopefully your week is going well and doesn't involve diarrhea!


  1. Your honesty rocks my socks :)

  2. WHAT?!?! I am so sad you are taking back the Dyson! BUT totally understandable and a camera is WAY more fun to spend money on. And I am glad you are feeling better. And I TOTALLY need to get the elliptical out of your basement. HA!

  3. I think AI starts tomorrow. :( I'm excited for it too!!


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