Friday, January 28, 2011


circa 1991.
i married the cutest little nerd in the whole wide world.

*and for all my canadians out there, check out my brother-in-law's sweet t-shirt!!


  1. He is the CUTEST!!!!

  2. that's crazy how much brett looks like averi here!

  3. this brought tears to my eyes! and not because I can't believe Cheryl bought those glasses for Seth :o)
    and Haverlee is so right!

  4. LOVE this picture:) oh sether....he was the cutest boy ever! and haverlee i totally agree. i just told brett that the other night when we got this picture in an email.
    b, i love reading your blog. no matter what the subject you always make me laugh...such a great sense of humor. now, we just have to figure out a way for you to get paid for your blogging:)

  5. Awesome pic! 4 years later I come to join that squad to spend one of my best years... :)


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