Friday, January 21, 2011


it's been fuh-reezing! here this week which has caused us to hibernate a bit. meaning, not much to blog about, other than what we ate for breakfast.
but here are a few things i've been loving lately...

1. television. this is my tv-watching season. the bachelor? american idol? what not to wear? i now have a 7:00 date with my tv from monday through thursday. all the more reason to get the girls to bed early! (i really need to get dvr so i don't have to say i have "plans" anytime someone want to do something on a weeknight.)

2. piper. the little pipnugget is in a nice stage of life. she's at this point where her communication and physical abilities are starting to catch up with everything that's going on in her little brain.* she's always been independent, so it's nice for her to finally be able to do more on her own. we still have our moments, but when well-rested and well-fed, she's really great.**
*referring to size, not capacity.
**of course she's great all the time,
though the definition of "great" may vary.

3. redbox. i've been lovin' the redbox this week. in the past five days i've rented the town, easy A, despicable me, marmaduke, ramona & beezus, and going the distance. yes, i know that's a lot of movies for one week. but did i mention it's like, -10 degrees outside?

4. mumford & sons. i don't think i've actually mentioned my love for mumford on here, but i've basically been listening to them non-stop since my sis gave me their album in september. i can't get enough of it. their writing style is unlike any modern band i've heard. the words sound like hymns, they're so poetic and beautiful. this is the line i've been clinging to lately:
...if your strife strikes at your sleep,
remember spring swaps snow for leaves...

hope y'all have a fun/cozy/relaxing/exciting/fill-in-the-blank weekend ahead! 
we'll be crankin' the heat to a toasty 67, celebrating a friend's 30th birthday and having a wii little dance-off!


  1. Love your list. Mumford & Sons is my obsession lately.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. i have been listening to a lot of mumford and sons too! great taste!

  3. I've watched Easy A twice in the last week! I love it - and the parents are brilliant!


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