Wednesday, January 12, 2011


colorful colorado.
well, i pretty much failed to properly document our trip to colorado. but, here are a few pictures that i did take...

on saturday night, in honor of mr.a's birthday, i hung out with some of our favorite people, at one of our favorite places, drinking our favorite drink. he even called while we were there, so we all wished him a happy day and toasted in his honor.
please disregard rambo's crazy eyes...
 please also disregard the fact that it looks like i have no eyebrows. i promise they're still there. crazy-eyed rambo is to blame for this pic...

 ummm, yeah. we lived here...
 don't be jeal.

 there's lots of wildlife. elk, mountain goats, bears*, and look! an ocelot!
 i have to admit, it was really hard to be in a place that reminds me so much of mr.a. there's not a thing in that town that doesn't make me think of him; the hikes we took, the food we ate, the friends we had, the parties we went to, the people we met, the jobs we had, the movies we saw, the day-trips we took, the beauty we witnessed, the church we attended, the jokes we had, the music we heard, the places we danced, the coffee we drank, the houses we lived in, the walks we took...i could go on and on and on.
on the other hand, what a blessing it was to be in a place that holds only wonderful memories.
it just makes me look forward to the day we'll be back there together!

*yes. there are bears. (bears or bear?) when piper was a baby, she was crawling around on the back deck in the summer and all of a sudden i hear a splash! i look up and there, not fifteen feet in front of me, is a baby bear! he hopped into the little pond in our back yard to cool off! he splashed around a bit and then slowly ambled on his merry way. it. was. awesome.


  1. That last shot is so adorable. I miss mountains.

  2. Breathtaking. I especially love the "wildlife" shots...:)

  3. totally jeal. I simply must re-visit Colorado. I want to see a bear!


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