Wednesday, January 05, 2011


thankful (early) thursday.

today has been a pretty good day.
we snuggled in bed. we watched cartoons.
i jumped on the 30-day shred bandwagon. (sheesh! that's a tough 20 minutes!)
i cleaned a bit. (you would not believe the junk under my couch. gross!)
piper sweetly said,
"momma, why do you have to do all the chores?"
"well, who else is going to do them?"
"i can help! how can i help you do chores, momma?"
so i let her hold the dust pan for me and we were both happy.
i took a shower while quinn napped & p dozed mid-bite:
when she woke up we played candyland.
did a little laundry. (no, it's not put away yet...)
got an e-mail from mr. a.
 had a snack (edamame).
just a regular old day, but good.
not much fighting, only a little sass, and two sweet girls who mostly obeyed.
(though piper just got a spanking. yes. we spank. occasionally.)
i'm thankful for today.
and really thankful for all of you.

tomorrow we're leaving for a little trip to piper's home town. 
it'll be so nice to play in the snow and see the sun!
(and have a margarita here!)


  1. How are you linking the 30 Day Shred? Ive been doing it for almost a month now. Its surprisingly hard for a 20 minute workout!

  2. I'll always felt a little judged for being a spanking parent but when i found out it was approved of in the bible, i felt better. but you may have to let her get away w/out a spanking on the next offense since you posted this pic lol.

  3. This is probably sad but what's the 30 minute shred? I'm glad to read you are having a better day! How sweet of piper to help out! I think about you all the time, and your sweet family. Sometimes i want to post a comment but feel like who i am, i don't experience all that you do in a day, but i admire you, you ARE brave, we all have our faults,( being bad house keepers, messy kitchens, toys not picked up) but in the end, your an amazing wife and mother even if you doubt yourself!! Each day you fall asleep its one day closer to the next best day in your life!!!:)

  4. ohhhh have fun in Estes!!! I LOVE it there! It's my happy place! ;)The sun will do wonders!

  5. Oh I wanna try the shred too! Jillian is my hero! I have her face in front of me shouting while I work out! :D

  6. Hi, Bethany! I recently found your blog and I am lovin' it! My husband is in the Georgia National Guard and was deployed from Marh '09 to March '10. I know how tough it can be going through a deployment and feeling all alone. Just know that you are doing such a wonderful job and your daughters are too cute! Take care!


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