Sunday, January 30, 2011


still wear-in' it.
thanks so much for all your responses to my last wear post. it's really humbling that you guys find inspiration here and i really appreciate your kind words, your support, and your encouragment to keep doin' what i do. in defense of my friend, she was honestly offering constructive criticism and there was nothing negative about our conversation. i just wanted to clear that up. she wasn't being rude, she just understands that outfit posts are somewhat time-consuming and was offering some advice; to only spend time taking pictures if i'm really confident in my outfit.
but! since you guys twisted my arm, i'll probably start taking pictures even when i'm wearing sweatpants & flannel shirts. (meredith's fave.) 

anyway, today i was trying to take pictures while having a conversation with my mom. i wasn't really paying attention and i get super-awkward trying to pose in front of anyone. so, i don't have much to show for it. but, here's a little glimpse of what i wore today...

yeeeah, lame.
take it 'er leave it.

cardigan: j.crew, $35
denim shirt: banana republic, christmas gift (last year)
henley: forever 21, $7
jeans: gap, $25
flats: nine west, christmas gift ('05!)

Friday, January 28, 2011


circa 1991.
i married the cutest little nerd in the whole wide world.

*and for all my canadians out there, check out my brother-in-law's sweet t-shirt!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


cold feet.

in celebration of the sunshine, blue skies, and balmy 30-degree temps we had today, i shunned all the grey and black in my closet and wore something springy. and i was only sort-of freezing! (it's really sad when 30 starts to feel nice.) wait a i blogging about the weather?
i need to get out more.

striped top: gap, $12
tunic: old navy, $7
jeans: paige via gilt, $55
gold driving mocs: steve madden, $30
chain bracelet: j.crew, $11
feed bracelet: forever 21, $5

on another note...
a couple weeks ago i was wearing a "regular" outfit: jeans, a shirt, a scarf, boots. nothing too special. i asked my friend if i should bother taking pictures of my outfit and she was like, "nah." so i didn't.
we had a brief conversation about it and she basically said (in a nice way) that she doesn't really care about seeing outfits that aren't especially unique. since then, i've been a little hesitant about posting my outfits, unsure if they're "blog-worthy."  i love getting dressed up and being creative with my clothes, but on the average day, i need to wear something i can cook and clean in. change diapers in. play candyland in. chase my kid through target in. but hopefully still feel good in. 
later, i thought a lot about our conversation and realized, i'm just an average person in an average city who shops at average stores with an average income. my blog will never compare to the "big" fashion bloggers out there. my hope is that i can inspire other average people to try new things, put a little more thought and effort into their clothes, and hopefully feel great. but... is "average" even inspiring?
i just want to get some feedback from you guys. do you care to see "regular" outfits? or are you like: blah. boring.  would you rather i just post the occasional outfit that i spend more time/effort on? i promise it won't hurt my feelings, i'm just curious.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


i probably don't need to confess that i've been a little...uninspired lately.
we're in the throes of winter blues around here. or, winter greys.

i'm not like, sitting around eating ben & jerry's and watching oprah re-runs all day. but the past couple of weeks have been pretty uneventful. it's just really freaking cold. and grey. (please note: i spell grey with an "e" because we grew up in canada and that's how canadians roll. sometimes i try to use an "a" but it just looks weird to me so i'm stickin' with my guns. and by guns i mean fellow canadians.)

today was one of those days that just started out on the wrong foot. i literally woke up to piper yelling, "moooooommmmmaaaaaaa!
i need to pee but there's pooooooh all over the potty!"

apparently our toilet had gotten backed up (don't look at me) and was right on the verge of overflow. i told her she could pee "just don't flush it!"

well, don't you know: she flushed it.
so, i spent a good portion of the morning sanitizing the toilet, the bathroom floor, and my hands.
there were a few other "moments" that just got our day off to a bad start and i found myself resigning to the fact that today was just going to be bad. i started getting really bogged down by how hard life is right now. (does anyone else find it easy to just say, "well today is just a bad day." and give up on it? that happens to me sometimes.)

but, i didn't give up on our day.
quinn had a great nap and i cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. i know i give cleaning a bad rap, but today i kind of enjoyed it. it felt good and i was proud of myself. anyone that knows me (or has read this blog more than once) probably knows i hate to clean. but today i vaccuumed (!), emptied and re-loaded the dishwasher (!!), mopped the floors (!!!), washed, folded, and put away 4 loads of laundry (!!!!), and whitened my teeth. ok, i guess that's not technically house cleaning. but i was proud of myself for that, too.

i'm not really sure what the moral of this post is.
basically, the day started out bad. i was feeling grouchy and sad and sorry for myself. but... then it turned around!
and i felt good and strong and proud of myself.
so, i suppose it's never too late to turn a bad day into a good day.

don't write-off your day!

Friday, January 21, 2011


it's been fuh-reezing! here this week which has caused us to hibernate a bit. meaning, not much to blog about, other than what we ate for breakfast.
but here are a few things i've been loving lately...

1. television. this is my tv-watching season. the bachelor? american idol? what not to wear? i now have a 7:00 date with my tv from monday through thursday. all the more reason to get the girls to bed early! (i really need to get dvr so i don't have to say i have "plans" anytime someone want to do something on a weeknight.)

2. piper. the little pipnugget is in a nice stage of life. she's at this point where her communication and physical abilities are starting to catch up with everything that's going on in her little brain.* she's always been independent, so it's nice for her to finally be able to do more on her own. we still have our moments, but when well-rested and well-fed, she's really great.**
*referring to size, not capacity.
**of course she's great all the time,
though the definition of "great" may vary.

3. redbox. i've been lovin' the redbox this week. in the past five days i've rented the town, easy A, despicable me, marmaduke, ramona & beezus, and going the distance. yes, i know that's a lot of movies for one week. but did i mention it's like, -10 degrees outside?

4. mumford & sons. i don't think i've actually mentioned my love for mumford on here, but i've basically been listening to them non-stop since my sis gave me their album in september. i can't get enough of it. their writing style is unlike any modern band i've heard. the words sound like hymns, they're so poetic and beautiful. this is the line i've been clinging to lately:
...if your strife strikes at your sleep,
remember spring swaps snow for leaves...

hope y'all have a fun/cozy/relaxing/exciting/fill-in-the-blank weekend ahead! 
we'll be crankin' the heat to a toasty 67, celebrating a friend's 30th birthday and having a wii little dance-off!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


yipes! sorry for the cleav.
j.crewish cardigan: target, $20
white v-neck: j.crew, $5 (employee discount)
necklace: christmas gift from my sister!
(isn't it awesome? it deserves its own post.)
 double-wrap belt: forever 21, $8
jeans: gap, $24
flats: steve madden, dsw, $22  
hat: forever 21, $14

has anyone noticed target's merona line lately?
its j.crew copy-catting is pretty cute and about half the price. the cardigan i'm wearing is almost identical to this j.crew version. i love the real thing as much as the next blogger, but i also worked at j.crew (which included a sweet discount) so it's especially hard for me to pay full retail price knowing what i used to pay. now, i can't say the stores compare in customer-service or policy,* but this line is a pretty good substitute for cute knits and t's. their colorways are even j.crew-esque!

 so, next time the j.crew catalog makes your heart race and mouth water,* just hit up your local target for a quick-fix!

*i despise target's return policy.
**anyone else? or is that just me...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011



yesterday i had some kind of flu bug. i started to get really nauseous after watching the golden globes. (no, it had nothing to do with scarlett johanssen's hair.) i slept fine but woke up yesterday just as nauseous. i had that mouth-watering, on-the-verge-of-barfing feeling all day. and chills. and aches. my whole body just hurt. even my hair hurt. oh, and rather than actually barfing, my body decided to rid itself of everything...the other way. blech.
luckily, the girls were darlings. they kept each other entertained and both took good naps. so, i spent most of the day curled up on the couch in the fetal position, dozing in & out of some hgtv marathon and trips to the bathroom. i managed to stay up long enough for the bachelor (oooh, that michelle! she's trouble.) but went to bed at 9:30. seems like all that snoozing and sleeping did the trick cause i feel pretty good today. and the sun is out! halle-mc-lujah! 

mr.a sent me the sweetest love-mail today.
like a love letter, but in e-mail form.

today i'm going to return the dyson. yes, i know, the much-debated dyson. i think if we had carpet throughout our house it'd be totally worth it. but, we don't. so i'm gonna get one of those shark steam-vac things instead, saving myself a couple benjamins in the process. by "saving" i mean, i already re-spent that money on a new camera! wahoooo! i'd been looking at dslr's for a couple years and, as much as i wanted one, i was always nervous about lugging around a huge camera. so, i decided on canon's G12. i found this random tech-y website that was having a big sale for the weekend, so i got a sweet deal on it. it hasn't arrived yet, but i'm really excited to learn how to use it. it was scary to make a purchase like that without getting mr.a's input, so i had my blogging buddy's husband fill in and help me bite the bullet. he's pretty much a camera master,* so i trust his opinion.

*like, he actually gets paid to take pictures of stuff.

and, to break up the wordiness of this post, here are some random pictures of my children:
happy quinn:
emo piper:

does american idol start tonight? it's about dang time.

well, that's the stuff in my head right now. hopefully your week is going well and doesn't involve diarrhea!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


a scarf-tying tutorial in three takes.

take 1:
take 2:
take 3:

it appears my scarf-tying skills are better than my tutorial skills.
but...hopefully this helps a little bit!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


the whole time we were gone i basically wore some combination of thermal, sweatshirt, jeans, and boots. and i didn't really think to take any outfit pics until the day we drove home.
we had driven part-way the day before and spent the night in nebraska.
so these are from our hotel room because it was -15! in north platte, nebraska yesterday.

don't get your hopes up--these are travelin' clothes:
and, apparently, travelin' hair...

vest: gap
sweatshirt: j.crew
henley: alternative apparel
scarf: target
jeans: gap
socks: j.crew
shoes: birkenstock

a few last glances of the beauty we left behind:
this is one of the views from the front yard...
(mr.a built the adirondack.)

 ol' notch top....
aka: long's peak...
oh, and this beauty we got to take with us... 
lucky me!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


colorful colorado.
well, i pretty much failed to properly document our trip to colorado. but, here are a few pictures that i did take...

on saturday night, in honor of mr.a's birthday, i hung out with some of our favorite people, at one of our favorite places, drinking our favorite drink. he even called while we were there, so we all wished him a happy day and toasted in his honor.
please disregard rambo's crazy eyes...
 please also disregard the fact that it looks like i have no eyebrows. i promise they're still there. crazy-eyed rambo is to blame for this pic...

 ummm, yeah. we lived here...
 don't be jeal.

 there's lots of wildlife. elk, mountain goats, bears*, and look! an ocelot!
 i have to admit, it was really hard to be in a place that reminds me so much of mr.a. there's not a thing in that town that doesn't make me think of him; the hikes we took, the food we ate, the friends we had, the parties we went to, the people we met, the jobs we had, the movies we saw, the day-trips we took, the beauty we witnessed, the church we attended, the jokes we had, the music we heard, the places we danced, the coffee we drank, the houses we lived in, the walks we took...i could go on and on and on.
on the other hand, what a blessing it was to be in a place that holds only wonderful memories.
it just makes me look forward to the day we'll be back there together!

*yes. there are bears. (bears or bear?) when piper was a baby, she was crawling around on the back deck in the summer and all of a sudden i hear a splash! i look up and there, not fifteen feet in front of me, is a baby bear! he hopped into the little pond in our back yard to cool off! he splashed around a bit and then slowly ambled on his merry way. it. was. awesome.

Monday, January 10, 2011


happy birthday, mr.a!
you are an amazing husband, father and friend--even from across the world.  
i'd rather spend a moment with you, than a day with anyone else.
i love you so terribly much. in fact, i'm not sure you could have married anyone that would love you more than i.
when i especially miss you, i like to sit and look through pictures of you; whether online, in albums, or just in my memory. these are a few of my favorites. 
now my blog readers get to stare at yer handsome mug, too! lucky them!