Friday, December 03, 2010


a little emo never hurt anybody.

i ran out of steam about an hour ago. it's 8:15 on a friday night and i keep nodding off between sentences. so all you get are some pics of me & my skulls.

cardigan: j.crew
shirt: gap (kids...)
jeans: charlotte russe
boots: steve & barry's
scarf: borrowed


  1. Very cute. Like a girly punk rocker. Those basic black rain boots are great. I need a pair!

  2. I just bought Sarah some black Frye boots that look like that. Bummer was that they showed up at our house when we were both outside. Sarah said she wouldn't have recognized the box if she hadn't seen the horrified look on my face. Well she will still have to wait till Christmas.

  3. Cute. I wouldn't have been able to tell those were skulls if it weren't for the close up. Subtle and cute!
    The Auspicious Life


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